• An Open Letter to Magic Valley Shepherds
    Woke radicals are coming for our families, our children, our churches, our freedoms, and our country. And they’re backed by major corporations, big tech and big media, and every department and agency within our government. Whether the Church will be … Read more
  • Exposing Magic Valley RINOS
    MVLA Republican Voting Record 2023. The Good, the bad and the ugly. I
  • Op-Ed: Protecting Our Digital Homes: The Role of the 3rd Amendment in the Fight for Privacy
    By David Leavitt April 11, 2023 Idaho The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are widely regarded as two of the most important documents in American history, with many Americans holding certain amendments, such as the 1st, 2nd, … Read more
  • This Week’s Legislative Update Action Alerts: February 13-17
    Here’s this week’s House and Senate bills needing action now. We’ve made contacting your legislator super easy. Read the bill summary (and full bill). Simply copy the sample letter provided for each bill listed below, click on the legislator’s name, … Read more
  • All Hands on Deck! Stop Lava Ridge Wind Project Enters Second Critical Phase
    As Joan Hurlock of Stop Lava Ridge presented at the MVLA Legislative Update meeting on Monday, February 6, 2023, action on this second phase is critical to stopping the Project once and for all. “The preservation of BLM land in … Read more
  • This Week’s Legislation Action Alerts 2/6/23
    MVLA has compiled this week’s House and Senate alerts in one handy location. We even drafted sample letters to make contacting your legislator super easy. Simply copy the sample letter for each bill listed below, click on the legislator’s name, … Read more
  • Last Call for Volunteers: A Plan to Remove Porn from Magic Valley Public Schools and Libraries
    Sadly, MVLA received no responses to last week’s posting of this CALL TO ACTION. So, we are appealing again to all parents, grandparents, concerned citizens and churches to take a stand against pornographic books in our public schools and public … Read more
  • Your Resource Guide to MVLA’s 2023 Idaho Legislative Update Meetings
    Bookmark this Resource Guide! It’s loaded with the tools you need to take decisive and effective action all through the legislative session and our MVLA Legislative Update Meetings. While these regular meetings will give you the inside baseball on upcoming … Read more
  • Happy New Year! MVLA Board Reflects on 2022
    Doreen Alexander This year I am grateful for the camaraderie of other like-minded MVLA members.  In troubling times such as these, knowing that you are not alone in how you see the world’s issues and how you praise God, is … Read more
  • MVLA Needs You
    Attend 2023 MVLA Legislative Update Meetings: As 2022 draws to a close, we are busy developing plans up for equipping you to become actively engaged with your legislators. Through these one-hour meetings, you will be in-the-know about upcoming legislation (the … Read more
  • An Invisible Prison Has Been Built for You
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Every Prepared Patriot needs to watch this interview of Aman Dabbi. View the video interview here. He has over 25 year’s experience working in Silicon Valley as an engineer primarily on camera technologies. He joins … Read more
  • Announcing MVLA 2023 Legislative Update Meetings
    Help Idaho Stay in the Red The MVLA Board is making plans now to hold MVLA Legislative Updates during the 2023 Idaho legislative session, which runs from January through March. These informative one-hour meetings will keep you in-the-know about upcoming … Read more
  • Election Integrity Idaho Year-End Update
    By Kathy Thomsen, Election Integrity South Central The dust has settled on the November 8 general election.  Comments on the international, national, state and local scene (including Poll Watcher comments) are as follows: Internationally, forces within Brazil’s President-elect Lula’s camp … Read more
  • New White House “Food is Medicine” Program About Tracking and Control
    The masterminds of Building Back Better are “reimagining” your food. To help you be a more Prepared Patriot, this timely article from Corey Digs reveals how this master plan is now laying the groundwork for tying together digital food tokens, … Read more
  • How Idaho Dept. of Health & Welfare Pushes Gender Affirming Therapy on Kids
    I’m a mental health therapist in Idaho who treats children and adolescents.  There’s hardly anyone these days who doesn’t know a family whose child has “come out” as gay or transgender. We are witnessing a tidal wave of youth who report … Read more
  • Idaho’s Pride: Part Two
    Idaho’s government is pushing pronoun surveys in public schools and funding gender transition therapy and drag shows for kids And what Magic Valley parents can do about it Editor’s note: Once again, our many thanks to Anna Miller, Dr Scott … Read more
  • Add This Must-Have Website to Your Browser
    SURVIAL.NEWS is an aggregator site for all the links that a survivalist Idahoan might want to read. They have resources for survival tips, prepper tips and tricks, and survival basics. They also collect important news links. This is essential information … Read more
  • Shop local: Introducing Provider Farms
    Since patriots are increasingly boycotting big box corporate stores and businesses that endorse and fund woke ideologies, and ESG policies, finding locally owned non-woke businesses is more important than ever. Fred Meyer Sponsors Pride Parade in Boise Yellow Brick Cafe … Read more
  • Idaho’s Pride
    PART ONE Despite what you’ve been told, Idaho’s government IS pushing radical sex ed curriculum, teaching ‘porn literacy’, hosting LGBT clubs in schools and funding gender transition therapy And it’s happening in Magic Valley schools Editor’s note: Our many thanks … Read more
    What you need to know before you vote Nov 8 While MVLA does not endorse candidates, our mission is to inform the public, expose corruption, and build strategic relationships with our elected officials. That’s why we compiled several articles in … Read more
  • Know Your Rights Against Medical Tyranny
    MVLA launched The Prepared Patriot Series to equip you to stand strong body, mind and spirit against threats to your liberties. This week, we’re featuring helpful downloadable documents from Vaccine Police and Health Freedom Idaho you’ll want to have on … Read more
  • Must-Watch: Best-Ever Presentation on The Great Reset
    October 20, 2022 College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls In this presentation by Alex Newman, journalist, author and senior editor of The New American magazine, Newman exposes the diabolical ideology and masterminds behind The Great Reset: Project from Hell. What … Read more
  • “Zucker Bucks” in Twin Falls County
    An Interview with Kathy Thomsen, Election Integrity Idaho, Twin Falls Editor’s note: It is no secret that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has flooded states with “Zucker Bucks” to influence elections through the Center for Tech & Civic Life CTCL. Below … Read more
  • When the RINOs see the Elephant in the Room
    By Bob “Nugie” Neuebauer, Gem State Patriot News October 16, 2022 We find it interesting that 50 supposedly Republicans including some prominent former officeholders are supporting Tom Arkoosh who is running as a democrat for attorney general. We have to … Read more
  • Do not fear the collapse, for it is NECESSARY to dismantle the evil cabal and give humanity a path to FREEDOM
    Monday, October 10, 2022 By Mike Adams Natural Health News Editor’s Note: To help you survive and thrive, even during the coming collapse, as engineered by the masterminds of The Great Reset, rather than fearing and dreading the collapse, says Health … Read more
  • Q&A with Paul Thompson, Candidate for Idaho State Senate Dist. 25
    In 2018, you ran against Rep Lance Clow. Why are you running this time?So, I’m running against Rep. Linda Hartgen. She’s decided to leave the House and run for the empty Senator seat. On one level, my decision to run … Read more
  • American Education website empowers parents with new tools, resources
    Being prepared to defend your liberties as parents depends on how well you are equipped. Idaho parents and residents now have more resources at their disposal to help them better understand Idaho’s education system, the benefits of school choice, and … Read more
  • Idaho’ Offers Porn Literacy to K-12 Students
    By Anna Miller & Dr Scott Yenor Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) implements sex education curriculum endorsed by Planned Parenthood in schools. The curriculum and training for sex education facilitators is purchased from an interest group that promotes … Read more
  • Q&A with Ammon Bundy, Independent Candidate for Governor of Idaho
    Interview by Tom Munds, John Birch Society, Idaho Field Director Edited by Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer, Gem State Patriot News Do you support Border Walls? We should be practical about why we are building the wall. Before putting up a border … Read more
  • Becoming Brave
    How boldly we respond to unlawful mandates and violations to our liberties depends on how well we are prepared
  • City Votes to Make Landlords Pay Renters’ Past Due Bills
    Monday, September 19, 2022, marked another entry in the Twin Falls city council meeting schedule and was another demonstration of how this council routinely circumvents laws meant to protect citizens and overrides the desires of the governed.  Socialism Alive & … Read more
  • How Much Local Support is there for Pride?
    For those of you too busy with life to have noticed, last week marked a significant milestone in Idaho’s decline to Californiadom. Boise’s Pride Festival gained national attention by joining the depravity and moral bankruptcy of liberal culture in the … Read more
  • Alexandra Caval to Replace Barigar on Twin Falls City Council
    This week’s city council meeting was a return to form for the elected leaders of Twin Falls: government spending, appointing morally compromised officials, and ignoring the will of the people they serve.
  • Twin Falls City Council Candidates
    If this is the best Twin Falls has to offer for a seat on our city council, we are well and truly in a helpless state. The candidates interviewed on Monday night presented nothing but big government ideology, nanny state solutions to problems that citizens should be able to solve for themselves, and a lack of deep thinking on the largest issues we face as a city (namely growth and government spending).
  • My Thoughts on the Special Session
    This was like a play out of Pelosi’s playbook. They put one subject with the other they knew would pass because they knew it wouldn’t pass on its own
  • Preparing for the Next Lockdown: Knowing How Emergency Policy is Made
    Editor’s note: This article contains excerpts from Naomi Wolf’s latest book, The Bodies of Others, chapter six. Naomi Wolf is a nationally known journalist and bestselling author. I highly recommend reading her book to help you become psychologically prepared for … Read more
  • To Counter Gov. Little’s overreach
    We have to defeat the two legislative bills that Governor Brad Little has written. Legislation is NOT within his purview nor job description! Doing this in person at the Capitol is best but we can make contacts because of this as well.
  • Countering Cognitive Dissonance
    We created The Prepared Patriot Series to help you and your loved ones stay physically, mentally, and spiritually grounded in our post Constitution, post Christian America.  This week the focus is on staying mentally fit in our woke-saturated world, with … Read more
  • Yes to a Special Session on Taxes and Wokeism
    By Wayne Hoffman Idaho Freedom Foundation August 13, 2022 I understand that Gov. Brad Little is considering calling legislators back to town to cut taxes. That’s an excellent idea. There is no reason in the world that our hard-earned money … Read more
  • Ways to Improvise and Maximize Your Resources
    From Corey’s Digs July 21, 2022 In light of the skyrocketing inflation and looming food shortages, the public is looking for ways to stretch their dollar, make use of their supplies, and find creative solutions to prepare for whatever may … Read more
  • Election Integrity Idaho Needs Your Help
    Election integrity is one of the most important issues because it is upon election integrity that all other issues depend. Yet Idaho is ranked 38th in election integrity by the Heritage Foundation. View Idaho’s score card here. Below is my … Read more
  • Proposition 1: $570 Million Tax Hike on Idaho Families and Businesses
    By Fred Birnbaum Idaho Freedom Foundation, August 8, 2022 Proposition 1, Reclaim Idaho’s inappropriately named Quality Education Act, will be on the ballot this November. Originally intended to hike taxes on corporations, small businesses and job creators, the proposal was … Read more
  • UPDATE: Stop Lava Ridge & Salmon Falls Wind Projects
    Stop Lava Ridge is a group of Magic Valley citizens organized to oppose the Lava Ridge Wind Turbine Project (read more about the project here. Formed by Dean Dimond, John Arkoosh, Karen Rogerson, Janet Keegan, and Perry VanTassell, their mission … Read more
  • Are You Prepared for the Coming Food Shortages?
    Are you prepared for the coming food shortages? And sky-high prices? As if Biden-flation and shrink-flation weren’t bad enough, now comes food-flation. Being prepared starts with becoming aware, followed by taking effective action BEFORE you find yourself caught in a … Read more
  • Preparing for the Last Stage of the Tyrannical Takeover
    Being prepared begins with being aware, so you can avoid being caught off guard. Dr. Naomi Wolf’s new book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human” nails the war against humans. Magic Valley patriots … Read more
  • Rules for Patriots: An Instruction Manual
    The Left has its playbook, Saul Alinsky’s infamous Rules for Radicals. Now patriots have theirs. Endorsed by a who’s who of the conservative movement, Rules for Patriots by Steve Deace sets forth ten commandments to combat the Left. Here are … Read more
  • June 2022 TF Republican Central Committee Meeting Report
    MVLA News is reporting on TFCC monthly meetings to keep you informed of the decisions and actions of your local GOP. We strongly urge you to attend in person to keep them accountable. Your presence matters. June 8, 2022: Newly … Read more
  • Economist Whistleblower Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Breaks Down How to Fight the Next Lockdown
    Being prepared for a crisis begins with being informed so you can take action now, before it’s too late. Economist Edward Dowd joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what we should expect from the monkeypox push and the next possible lockdown.
  • Don’t Burn This Country: Surviving and Thriving Our Woke Dystopia
    Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report and author of Don’t Burn This Book, offers up a practical and uplifting guide to reviving the American dream in your community, and keeping your cool while the woke mob tries to burn down the country.
  • Oppose the World Health Organization’s Global Health Mandates
    Sign the Declaration of Opposition to the International Health Regulations Amendment to stop W.H.O.’s power grab of our nation’s sovereignty and your rights The W.H.O. global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness would grant the W.H.O. absolute power over global biosecurity, … Read more
  • The Great Reset of Food: Exposing the World Health Organization’s Globalist Takeover of Our Food System Now Underway
    “Who controls the food supply controls the people.” – Henry Kissinger At MVLA, we know that alert and engaged citizens must be also prepared for emergencies if they are going to remain free. In this MUST WATCH video, “NEW Controlled … Read more
  • Globalism vs State Sovereignty – The Choice is Yours on Tuesday!
    The Idaho gravy train party has been teaming with large “woke” corporations, billionaires, lobby groups, social media tycoons and yes, democrats, to try to retain control of Idaho and fully implement a global plan. If you are having trouble viewing … Read more
  • Election Fraud in the Magic Valley?
    UPDATE: This article was updated to reflect a more accurate representation of the facts. Previously we stated that the verbiage of the resolution was not presented to the committee members when in fact, it was handed to them just before … Read more
  • Taco Bell Drag Queen Tour
    Taco Bell has announced a “Drag Brunch Tour” featuring drag queens in select Taco Bell locations. Obviously, this deserves a boycott of all Yum! Brands franchises
  • The Lava Ridge Wind Turbine Project
    The Green Elephant in Southern Idaho By Hilber Nelson, MVLA, with Diana Nielsen Imagine:  You are driving from the Magic Valley to Craters of the Moon to camp under the stars. About 20 miles out of town, instead of encountering … Read more
  • Agenda 2030 in the Magic Valley, and How to Fight Back
    “Americans are at a crossroads. We must make a choice. We have to decide whether we are going to go the way of China and twenty-first century fascism or pursue the promise of our forefathers.” -Glenn Beck
  • Gov. Little’s Budget Blowout: The Hidden Story of the 2022 Legislative Session
    “We are now a state that balances its budgets on the back of borrowed federal funds pumped into our educational and health care systems, with no exit strategy if federal funding returns to pre-COVID levels.”
  • Leftists Won the 2022 Idaho Legislative Session
    “Don’t let a small tax break or the passage of an abortion or gun bill trick you into believing otherwise.”
  • Idaho Swamp Report
    As we wind down the 2022 legislative session, its seems like there is no end of bad bills and freedom devouring legislation being rammed through in the last hours.  We as a state have never before faced such an onslaught of bad ideas designed to strengthen the grip of control by government while narrowing your freedoms.  One particular disgusting action being perpetrated by our own republican controlled Senate is their overt lack of concern to protect our young children and their families.  
  • Implementing Agenda 2030 in Idaho: Workforce Housing HB701
    By Karen Schumacher Dedoubt News On Friday, March 4, 2022, the Idaho House narrowly passed House Bill 701, the Idaho Workforce Housing Fund, sponsored by Rep. Blanksma.  Under this bill the legislature would allocate monies to a trust fund within the state … Read more
  • Globalism.  Our Country and State are Rapidly Changing
    Don’t be conned by the establishment RINO Republican “grocery tax credit.”  Remember the state is sitting on $1.9 Billion dollars of your extra collected tax money and decided to return $20 to you, but not until 2024!  These RINOs are greedy and continue to grow government.   They refuse to allow the grocery tax repeal to have a hearing.  H509 passed the House 40-27.  It is a slap in the citizen’s face.   The major roadblocks to moving this issue forward are Rep. Paul Amador, Rep. Steve Harris, and Rep. Scott Bedke.
  • Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals
    Agenda 2030 is a blueprint for the transfer of ALL decision making power of EVERY aspect of your life from you, the taxpayer, the business owner, land owner, homeowner, and American, to an autonomous, unaccountable, and anonymous international cabal of globalists. In short, Agenda 2030 is a blueprint for global enslavement.
  • United Nations Agenda 2030 is ‘Building Back Better’ in the Magic Valley
    Should we be concerned about the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 being implemented here locally?  What is Agenda 2030 really all about?  Is there evidence of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at work here in Idaho and in the Magic … Read more
  • The Idaho Prayer Project
    The following article, posted with permission, is by an Idahoan who wishes to remain anonymous. The Idaho Prayer Project provides a special opportunity to unite God’s people in prayer over Idaho. Our state government officials are making decisions about almost … Read more
  • Why Your Vote in Idaho’s May 17th Primary Election is Vital to Keeping Idaho Red
    How your vote in May counts the most How RINOs are turning Idaho blue List of May primary candidates for state and Magic Valley races
  • Syphoning Idaho’s Water to the Globalists
    Deceptive legislation, sneaky regulatory agencies, tricky treaties, and Gov. Brad Little, are handing over Idaho’s water rights to the globalists — and what you can do about it. The issues surrounding Idaho’s water are mind-bogglingly complex, comprising a multi-faceted labyrinth … Read more
  • City Council Continues to Increase Fees, Agree to Budget Increases
    True to form, city council overspends budgets, takes federal mon & increases fees
  • Twin Falls Republican Central Committee Meeting: Favoring Mask and Vaccine Mandates, Candidates Make Their Case
    Wednesday, January 12, 7 PM CANDIDATES FOR STATE SUPERINTENDENT ‘Putting Kids First’ Debbie Critchfield opened by saying that being fourth generation farmers, living in Oakley, and raising her family in rural Idaho gives her an advantage. You can visit her … Read more
  • Twin Falls City Council Spends and Bloats the City (again)
    For now the new boss is much like the old boss when it comes to the Twin Falls city council: globalism, right here in little old Twin Falls.
  • ‘St. Luke’s Magic Valley Fired Me for Not Taking the Jab – After Two Vaccine Injuries and a Medical Exemption’
    Editor’s note: This individual agreed to tell their exclusive story to MVLA as an anonymous source.    I am sharing my story because no one is doing anything.  I accepted a job at St. Luke’s in 2017. At that time they … Read more
  • The Twin Falls Republican Central Committee is a ‘Private Club’
    Yep, that is a direct quote from none other than Steve Millington, Central Committee Chair. And it was that private club mentality that was on full display at the December 8th meeting, and illustrates why, more than ever, true Republican … Read more
  • Behind the Green Curtain: NGOs in Idaho
    Hilber Nelson, MVLA December 2, 2021 Non government agencies (NGOs) are alive and well-entrenched in Idaho — all in the name of furthering “the greater good”, “public health, safety, and welfare,” “protecting endangered species”, “ensuring sustainability”, and “equity.” Often operating … Read more
  • Speaker Bedke for Sale
    Idaho House Speaker Scott Bedke says, “Our votes are NOT for sale.” Corporate donations to Bedke shows he is.
  • Press Release: Bryan Smith Raises $200,000+ & Receives 29 Idaho Legislative Endorsements in First 30 Days
    By Press Release November 2, 2021 The following Press Release was sent out by the Bryan Smith for Congress campaign Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho … Read more
  • Idaho’s Governor and House Speaker Appear to be Ignorant of Idaho Constitution
    Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski True Idaho News October 6, 2021 At least twice now, upon leaving the state, Idaho’s Governor Brad Little has stated that he has not authorized Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin to act on his behalf, most recently … Read more
  • Police Department Ranks Grow & Council Takes More Fed Dollars
    Police chief Kingsbury presented promotions and inductions into the ranks and the council approved the use of more C.A.R.E.S. dollars for radios for the local dispatch center.
  • City Council Candidate Questionnaire & Candidate Forums
    Current councilman Chris Reid, along with candidates Jason Brown, and Spencer Cutler refused to respond to constituents’ questions.
  • Small business turned down, airport gets additional $30,000
    City council votes to approve MORE C.A.R.E.S dollars in Twin Falls while rejecting the request of local business to improve our regional airport.
  • Idaho Rep. Heather Scott and Sen. Christy Zito On Idaho Corruption
    Idaho State Rep. Heather Scott (R-Dist.1) and Idaho State Sen. Christy Zito (R-Dist.23) respond to commentary Daniel Bobinski’s commentary that Governor Brad Little acted outside of his Constitutional authority when he signed an Executive Order while not physically within the state.
  • Your Impact Fees just increased by 100+%
    In the end, the city council voted unanimously to increase building fees by over 100%.
  • Exclusive Interview with Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, Republican Candidate for Governor in 2022
    By Greg Pruett • October 6, 2021 • Idaho Dispatch Idaho Dispatch sat down with Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin to discuss several topics. Click here for article and interview.
  • City Council Meeting Cancelled
    Twin Falls city council meeting was cancelled on Monday due to absence of city manager & assistant city manager.
  • How Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry is turning Idaho blue
    The Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI) is an “…influential force in Idaho politics representing every facet of business and industry in the state.” 
  • Fire Department Focus
    The Twin Falls Fire Department will buy a new fire truck that will cost us (the Twin Falls taxpayers) an extra $750,000, and will be bought as part of a “cooperative purchase agreement” (more on that in a forth coming article) which costs more and ties the purchase to more layers of government.
  • Saluting Fourteen Liberty Legislators
    If only more Idahoans understood the effort and faith invested by fourteen legislators.  If we believed that they would be represented by true representation, not ruled by fourteen but represented.
  • City Council Amends 2020-2021 budget +$15,000,000
    Monday’s city council meeting started with public proclamations for Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month and adult education and family literacy week. Shawn Barigar and Vice Mayor Ruth Pierce were absent from the meeting. The lead ESL (English as a Second … Read more
  • City Council votes to move forward with large fee increases
    Twin Falls City Council just voted to fast-track an over 100% increase on impact fees for new home builders.
  • Selective Libertarianism & How to Fight it
    Is it just me, or are many of the “conservative Republican” lawmakers acting an awful lot like liberal Democrats?
  • Time for New Federal Senators in Idaho
    The “infrastructure” bill should have been roundly rejected by all the Senate Republicans. Instead, both of the senators from Idaho voted to advance the bill.
  • Our Foreign Lies & Policies have become our Domestic Lies and Policies
    While an infantryman, I witnessed the collapse of the Iraqi infrastructure, government, and rule of law. Over the years I have noticed subtle similarities between what I saw in Afghanistan and Iraq and what I have seen after returning home. 
  • City Council spends $128,840 in 25 minutes
    The city council approved a contract for radio hardware ($78,840) and purchased a piece of land without having had a prior plan to do so ($50,000). The meeting lasted roughly twenty-five minutes, which means the council managed to spend $5,153.60 per minute. Now that is power!
  • Council approves $34,000,000+ budget for 2021-2022
    The 2021-2022 budget was approved unanimously by all 7 council members. Throughout the process, the council asked few questions and offered little input, largely deferring to unelected city manager Travis Rothweiler.
  • Twin Falls City Council Spends > $770,000 Allotted Budget on Pet Projects
    The Twin Falls city council’s discretionary fund for the 2021-2022 budget year occupied the bulk of Monday’s meeting. The final meeting of the eight-week series of budget reviews was presented once again by City Manager Travis Rothweiler, and he handed … Read more
  • Magic Valley Regional Airport to Receive $3.4 million+ from fed
    The three federal grants together total $3,464,557 in taxpayer funds.
  • Did Twin Falls City Council deserve the 10% raise they just gave themselves?
    The council approved the motion in a 6-1 vote, with Chris Reid being the soul dissenter.
  • More Federal Money for Twin Falls?
    C.D.B.G. stands for Community Development Block Grant. It is a federal program that was created by the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) department. Cities agree to spend these federal dollars on things like low-income housing improvement projects, homelessness mitigation, and administration of the grant itself.
  • Open letter response to Scott Bedke
    Scott Bedke is the current Speaker of the House for the Idaho state legislature and is running for Lieutenant Governor in 2022. He sent out a letter for donations in which he claimed to be a frugal and conservative leader. … Read more
  • City Council Ready for a Raise?
    A public hearing will be held at City Hall on Monday, August 23, 2021 at 6pm to hear the citizens’ concerns and opinions about the budget. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Shawn Barigar’s occupation of both the city council seat … Read more
  • The Answer to Cancel Culture: Courage Culture
    The Left’s cancel culture of dissent is designed to intimidate conservatives into silence and fear. By the Left’s own admission, white evangelical Republican voters are their primary target. According to the Biden administration, “white supremacist extremism” (which is never defined) … Read more