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Tom DeWeese, President

How a Bill Becomes Law

Posted with permission from Health Freedom Idaho. Eagle, Idaho

You may have seen the School House Rock video, “I’m Just a Bill,” back in elementary school but here’s an overview you should find helpful as an adult trying to preserve parental rights and health freedom in Idaho.

STEP 1. Draft legislation called an “RS” (Routing slip) is introduced into the appropriate House Committee. The contents of the RS is a mystery until it’s presented in committee.

STEP 2. Committee members hear the RS and decide if it gets assigned a bill number to become a bill or not. The public gets to hear the contents and listen to the vote by committee (online or in-person). There is no public testimony at this stage.

STEP 3. Numbered bills assigned to the appropriate committee agenda by the committee chairman. Bills are put on the agenda. There is less than a 24 hours notice. Those agendas are posted publicly on the legislative website and can be amended throughout the day.

STEP 4.  BILL HEARING IN COMMITTEE  A hearing is held on the bill and committee members hear public testimony. This is where public input is important! Committee members vote on the bill and determine if it will die or get referred to the “Floor” for a vote by the entire body. If you are unable to attend, listen online and share your concerns with the legislators. It’s that easy.

STEP 5. Referred to the House/Senate Floor. At this point, there is no more public testimony. We can contact the legislators by phone call and/or email. Once a bill passes the House Floor it will be sent to the opposite chamber (Senate) and goes through a similar process of a committee vote then floor vote.


  • Remote Online Testimony Public testimony on proposed legislation can be done from your home online. This website has instructions for registering to give your testimony, and instructions.

Recommended Reading

Charlie Kirk

The United States of America has long been the lone beacon of freedom and sensibility in a chaotic world. Now, she is under threat from a lethal ideology that seeks to humiliate and erase anyone who does not bow at its altar. The threat in question? Wokeism. In Right Wing Revolution: How to Beat the Woke and Save the West, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk drags wokeism out of the shadows and details the exact steps needed to stop its toxic spread.

Seamus Bruner

Exposing the billionaire class, their secret deals, and the globalist plot to dominate your life. Bruner provides an expose of the elite’s playbook for the next five years. He unravels the big tech’s pursuit of global dominance plan, a.k.a. The Great Reset. If you think Idaho won’t be affected, think again.

Jesus Is Involved in Politics. Why Aren’t You?

Neil Mammen

How often have you been told: “Jesus was not involved in Politics,” “Jesus was a Socialist”, “Politics is dirty” “Talking politics in Church will turn people away “Wish you had a Biblical and logical way to show your pastor and friends that these are all false! Discouraged by how the Church shies away from politics? Fearful for your children’s religious freedoms? Wish you could convince Christians that we need to be involved politically in order to obey Christ? Learn why avoiding politics is unloving, and in direct contradiction to what Christ commanded. Learn why not being involved in politics violates the second-greatest commandment. Find out why anyone who says we should not be involved in politics is saying slavery, child labor, racism and a host of other evils should still be legal.

We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity

Erwin W. Lutzer, David Cochran Heath, et al.

This book prepares you to live out your convictions against a growing tide of hostility. The authors offer practical ways to respond with truth, gentleness, and Christlike love, showing compassion and not compliance or conformity. You’ll gain a better understanding of nonbelievers’ legitimate hurts and concerns regarding issues like racism, sexism, and poverty—and identify the toxic responses secular culture disguises as solutions. In the process, you’ll see how you can show compassion and gentleness to those outside of the faith without affirming their beliefs.

Sooner or later, we all have to take a stand. Erwin Lutzer says the time has come for Christians to stand up for the truth. With pastoral wisdom and deep insight, he exposes the lies that have brought Western culture to the brink of destruction. But he doesn’t stop there. This book shows how we can reclaim the church (which is the key to the culture) if we will once again speak God’s truth without fear or favor.”
—Dr. Ray Pritchard, president, Keep Believing Ministries

Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents

Rod Dreher

New York Times bestselling author of The Benedict Option, Rod Dreher amplifies the alarm sounded by the brave men and women who fought totalitarianism. He explains how the totalitarianism facing us today is based less on overt violence and more on psychological manipulation.

He draws on the wisdom of Christian survivors of Soviet persecution to warn American Christians of approaching dangers. For years, émigrés from the former Soviet bloc have been telling Rod Dreher they see telltale signs of “soft” totalitarianism cropping up in America—something more Brave New World than Nineteen Eighty-Four. Identity politics are beginning to encroach on every aspect of life. Civil liberties are increasingly seen as a threat to “safety”. Progressives marginalize conservative, traditional Christians, and other dissenters. Technology and consumerism hasten the possibility of a corporate surveillance state. And the pandemic, having put millions out of work, leaves our country especially vulnerable to demagogic manipulation.

He explains how the totalitarianism facing us today is based less on overt violence and more on psychological manipulation. He tells the stories of modern-day dissidents—clergy, laity, martyrs, and confessors from the Soviet Union and the captive nations of Europe—who offer practical advice for how to identify and resist totalitarianism in our time.

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government

Matthew Trewhella

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates declares that when the superior or higher civil authority makes an unjust/immoral law or decree, the lesser or lower ranking civil authority has both the right and duty to refuse obedience to that superior authority.

This timely book places in your hands a hopeful blueprint for freedom. Appealing to history and the Word of God, Pastor Matthew Trewhella answers these questions and shows how Americans can successfully resist the Federal government’s attempts to trample our Constitution, assault our liberty, and impugn the law of God.

Historically, this doctrine was practiced before the time of Christ and Christianity. It was Christian men, however, who formalized and embedded it into their political institutions throughout Western Civilization.

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is a historic tool that provides proven guidelines for proper and legitimate resistance to tyranny, often without causing any major upheaval in society. The doctrine teaches us how to rein in lawless acts by government and restore justice in our nation.