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Two Responses to Former Rep. Laurie Lickley

Dishonest Rhetoric

Earlier this week, former state representative Laurie Lickley, who is running for state senate in District 26 and is the chair of the LD26 GOP, penned an editorial in her local paper blasting the Idaho Republican Party and its chair, Dorothy Moon.

The conservative grassroots turned to a fighter in 2022 because they were fed up with the fecklessness of the old guard establishment. For too long, Republican leadership worked harder to ingratiate themselves with power than listen to the voice of the people. The Covid pandemic exposed how many were willing to throw away constitutional rights and natural law in favor of obsequiousness to bureaucracies and big business. They eagerly sought compromise with the far left while attempting to ostracize the far right. Read more.

The Unraveling of Laurie Lickley: Lickley’s Troubling Record and Legacy of Deceit

A Guilty Conscious Needs no Accusers: Does Laurie Lickley Protest Too Much?

I believed when I moved to Idaho that I was moving to a state and area that was truly conservative and honored our US Constitution, State Constitution and the GOP Party Platform. I naively believed that those who really worked the land as ranchers, farmers, dairyman had an intrinsic instinct and strong belief of what makes us Americans and Idahoans at our core. We shared values, beliefs and principles that my home state had systematically eroded and eradicated. My bubble was burst during the Covid plandemic and final nail was the unfolding of the 2020 election. As a concerned citizen I felt I needed to get involved. I began attending my Jerome Republican Central Committee, I also attend Twin Falls and I joined the Republican women’s group in Twin. All left me feeling empty and those in leadership either had no idea what time it was, or they did and would continue to proliferate the chaos.

My first exposure to Laurie Lickley was at the Jerome Central Committee. I went because surely this conservative small town was going to have a voice in the transgressions that just happened at the ballot box. Surely our representatives and Attorney General would join other red states to get on-record that our vote had been disenfranchised by the nefarious shenanigans of the other notorious states. I heard nothing. No concern, no representation, it was addressed briefly, and we just moved on. I was asked to fill my precinct seat because for years it had been left empty. I gladly jumped in thinking I would be given direction as to my role as a precinct committee person. I did not receive direction and was simply push to the GOP website which told me nothing. At this point I figured just keep showing up and I would learn.

Three years later I have learned that the establishment swamp is alive and well in Idaho and especially in the Magic Valley.

Visit Magic Valley’s RINO Problem page for scorecards and voting records.

The coordinated attacks against Dorothy Moon would be laughable if they were not laden filled with lies and deceit and from a person who wants to represent our area in the State Senate. IF she is willing to lie so openly in the newspaper with her article, what will she do when she thinks the voters are not looking or paying attention? Questions we must ask and seek the truth on. Lickley preys upon the constituents that we will assume what she has written is factual. She provides no documentation to back any of her claims and leads the reader to the conclusions she wants you to make. Sounds like a democrat. Due to an education system that does not educate but always needs more money our students and citizens do not pick up on the nuance of the deceit. Unless you are a person who follows closely and enjoy getting into the weeds why would you see the lie.

Well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We must take our civic duties and responsibility as citizens seriously and stop relinquishing our power to representatives who tells us what we want to hear knowing when they get to work, we are not paying attention. They have no reason to believe it won’t work again. They have been doing it for decades. We have lives and we are busy people. However, all you have to do is look at voting records and the results to know their rhetoric and their vote do not align. Please know Lickley is not the only one in the swamp but she is the one who put pen to paper in this coordinated attack.

My original intent in writing this was to go through and provide the facts to Lickley’s lies. I am not one to reinvent the wheel, so I direct you to Brian Almon’s substack article here. Mr. Almon goes through each claim made by Lickley and dismantles her accusations with facts and links for the reader. I encourage you to do your own homework and make your own conclusions. I would be surprised after reading what he has systematically laid out and backup with facts that you don’t come to the conclusion that Lickley’s article was disingenuous. It should at the very least bother you. The biggest take away from all of this is we as citizens can no longer abdicate our responsibility’s. Incumbents are voted in term after term even though they are not representing us. It is never “MY” rep, it is always the other guy’s rep that needs to be replaced. Well, we see where that has taken us.

The swamp is not just Washington, DC but all 50 states. The alligators don’t care what jersey they wear so long as they control the swamp. Hence, we have a uni-party that keeps pushing us in a direction we don’t want to go. Well, we are the boss, and it is time to start acting like it and fire people who don’t do their jobs, and certainly not hire those who have not proven themselves as worthy.

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