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IDAHO FIRST! Lava Ridge vs. Magic Valley Farmers and Ranchers

While BLM’s ‘revised’ Lava Ridge Wind Project will consume millions of gallons of water, Idaho farmers and ranchers are being informed that their water will be reduced or cut off.

From Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld’s Substack, June 6, 2024:

Why would Idaho take on a project that will consume millions of gallons of water and potentially harm our aquifer, which extends all the way to Yellowstone? Why are they prioritizing another state’s energy crisis over the needs of our farmers and ranchers? Read more.

Read BLM’s alternative plan.

Take Action Now! Voice your opposition:

BLM Lava Ridge Project Manager, Kasey Prestwich:


Sen. Jim Risch:


Washington, DC: 202-224-2752

Twin Falls: 208-734-6780

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