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Convention of States Action Shenanigans

It’s no coincidence that candidates who received COSA donations are calling for the Convention.

The Convention of States Action (COSA) conducted some groundwork prior to its coming into Idaho and promoting its calling for a Convention of States to the legislature. COSA had over $8 million dollars in revenue in 2022. Read More.

Article V Convention – Yes or No?

Sometimes people get caught up in a craze and follow what is presented without giving much thought to the depth of what they are supporting, or the potential ramifications. Such is the case with the current pursuit of an Article V convention, also known as a Con-Con or Convention of States (COS). It may be tedious to read through these documents, but it is worthwhile to look at the history behind Article V. Read more.

Take Action Now:

The Senators listed below have not taken a hard line one way or another on SCR 112 and need to be encouraged to oppose an Article V Convention application.

CALL & Email these Republican Senators:

Doug Okuniewiez: 208-332-1338

Ben Toews: 208-332-1322

Chris Trakel: 208-332-1320

Ben Adams: 208-332-1336

Brian Lenney: 208-332-1329

Lori Den Hartog: 208-332-1340

Kevin Cook: 208-332-1358

Doug Ricks: 208-332-1301

Copy and Paste Emails:

SAMPLE Email and Voicemail:

Sen. _________,

Please Vote NO on SCR112 the Convention of States. An Article V Constitutional Convention cannot be limited and the COS resolution is not limited. COS opens every Section of the Constitution when it seeks to “limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government.”  Please don’t be intimidated by Convention of States and the money they have spent in Idaho to support or defeat candidates. Please represent the citizens of Idaho, not the big moneyed interests financing Convention of States.

Respectfully submitted,


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