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Post Election Roundup

From Stop Idaho RINOs, May 23, 2024

The GOOD and the BAD
If you paid attention to the entire state, you should be feeling VERY GOOD about the direction. The quick of it is, the Senate gained 2 conservatives and the House gained 5(ish) conservatives. (Of course their votes will prove it or not). Not only did the house and senate pick up numbers, but Chuck Winder, Megan Blanksma, and Julie Yamamoto are gone, among others!

Unfortunately, in the process, we lost some great legislators.

Here are the ones we lost.

Senator Scott Herndon (LD1)
Senator Chris Trakel (LD11)

Jacyn Gallagher (LD9)
Tina Lambert (LD23)
Julianne Young (LD30) – pending a recount

All of the above are going to be hard to replace. All are great people and great legislators. Some losses were a product of big money being spent on false information. For example, Make Liberty Win, a PAC associated with Young Americans for Liberty, sent out mailers saying that Julianne Young voted against H314, the library bill. Julianne Young was one of the strongest supporters of the The Children’s School and Library Protection Act. The reality is that she barely lost this race (2 votes as of this moment) to a known RINO. In other words, this lie likely made the difference. 

Here are the ones we gained:

Christy Zito (LD8) – replaced Geoff Schroeder
Brandon Shippy (LD9) – open seat being vacated by Abby Lee Josh Keyser (LD20) – replaced Chuck Winder
Josh Kohl (LD25) – replaced Linda Wright Hartgen

Rob Beiswenger (LD8) – replaced Matt Bundy
Faye Thompson (LD8) – replaced Megan Blanksma
Kent Marmon (LD11) – replaced Julie Yamamoto
Lucas Cayler (LD11) – open seat being vacated by Chris Allgood
Steve Tanner (LD13) – replaced Kenny Wroten
Chris Bruce (LD23) – replaced Melissa Durrant
Clint Hostetler (LD24) – replaced Chenele Dixon
David Leavitt (LD25) – replaced Greg Lanting

Also, there was an unknown amount of money thrown at the PC races across the state from a group called the Gem State Cons. They were being helped by Melaleuca and known leftist organizations such as “North Idaho Republicans” and “Truth in Politics.” We say “known” because the leaders have openly promoted and voted for democrats in the past, including Biden and/or Democrats in our statewide races. Originally we were told 2 million would be used to yank the PC seats from the grassroots. However, by most calculations, they failed. They did win some of the seats but they did not take a majority. It appears as though they will not have the votes at the summer convention to turn us blue, thankfully. 

All in all, this was a great move in the right direction. But now is not the time to let off the gas. We have to win in November again and then continue to chisel away at the uniparty establishment RINOs. 

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