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You are the only defense against illegal immigration

We’ve all witnessed the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders, and it’s a crisis demanding immediate action. From news reports to firsthand accounts, it’s abundantly clear that we face a grave threat. This isn’t a distant issue—it’s impacting every one of us, endangering our safety and the very foundation of our nation. It’s time for bold, decisive measures to halt this surge and fortify our borders.

President Joe Biden’s failure to uphold immigration laws has worsened the problem, creating a wide-open border and a glaring lack of enforcement. This isn’t just a matter of disagreement; it’s a dereliction of duty imperiling our nation.

House Joint Memorial 8, sponsored by Representative Dale Hawkins and me, highlights these failures and urges Congress to impeach President Biden for this neglect, to prioritize border security legislation, and to establish a safe immigrant processing system. It emphasizes the need for congressional action to address immigration issues, emphasizing border security and law enforcement, and seeks support from Idaho’s congressional delegation.

Similarly, big agriculture lobby groups talk about fixing immigration but seemingly care more about solving labor shortages than making the border stronger. They ignore the fact that a significant portion of the immigration problem, and the lack of decisive action on it, stems from their inability to sustain their industries without relying on an illegal workforce. While I empathize with their situation, we cannot condone or reward such lawless behavior. What precedent will we set if we turn a blind eye to one law simply because it can be argued that there is a need?

Including HJM008, there are currently three strong illegal immigration bills making their way through the House and Senate:

H615 – This bill would change what benefits illegal aliens can get in Idaho. It keeps emergency medical help but takes away other health care and some social benefits. The goal is to stop Idaho from attracting more illegal aliens by reducing the benefits they can get.

H464 – This bill, called the Interstate Compact for Border Security, lets the Governor make a formal deal with other states to secure the borders without needing approval from Congress. It’s allowed under a special rule in the Constitution for emergencies, so the Governor can act fast to protect Idaho and other states involved.

These bills are crucial in addressing the invasion of our country by illegal immigrants and protecting our state’s sovereignty. Please call your senators and representatives and urge them to support these bills.

Now is the time for us all to stand firm, work diligently, and fight! Idaho, America, and our children depend on us to take action!

Remember to vote in the GOP Presidential Caucus Sat. March 2nd. Click here for caucus locations.

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