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Gem State Heist: Exposing the Out-of-State Money Behind the Campaign Lies and the Takeover of Idaho

By Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld, Dist. 24, May 10, 2024

I stand by the police, even though they are not supporting me. In defense of my local police, I am confident that I have their support; it is individuals from out of state who are exploiting their good name and honor in these negative ads. I wholeheartedly believe that the police in my district would protect me and not cause me harm, especially by tarnishing my name with lies. It is truly shameful to see the names associated with Defend and Protect Idaho using the hard work of our police and veterans in such a manner. This behavior brings dishonor upon Police and Veterans.

Before we get to who is behind Defend and Protect Idaho PAC, let’s look at the lies.

First and foremost, let me clarify that Idaho does not defund anything. If we did, our budget would not have increased by 52%. Secondly, voting against an appropriation does not equate to defunding; it simply signifies that we believe there are better ways to allocate resources. Lastly, I have made it clear that I will not expand government or increase spending, nor will I deepen our reliance on the “BROKE” Federal Dollar.

I also have to ask: which faith leaders would be part of deceiving and lying?

Now let’s look at who is funding Defend and Protect Idaho.

What I found on Article 4.

What I found on Unite America PAC
What I found on Way Back PAC
What I found on International Association of Fire Fighters
What I found on the Democracy Program

After learning all of this, who are the candidates that this out-of-state money is choosing to use for their Gem State Heist? Obviously, it’s not me. I am in the way of their takeover, and since I am the only one in my area that they are targeting, it leads me to believe that the rest are the pawns for their agenda, or what Stalin would call ‘useful idiots’.

Choose wisely Idaho! Do your research! You are the ones that can stop this!

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