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Meet David Leavitt, Candidate for State Representative Dist. 25 Seat B

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I don’t believe that I was really prompted to run for office. I believe deep down that I have to serve my country again. It’s like a sense of duty that I can’t ignore, having experienced war, and the profound impact of loss and sacrifice. I gained a unique perspective which I believe it was meant to prepare me for the challenges ahead. Everywhere I go I see people suffering and struggling, just like I’ve seen in places I’ve been deployed to and with the soldiers I served alongside.  

Many may not be aware of my military background as a civil-military operations noncommissioned officer. In this role, I worked to build governance capacity and infrastructure in Afghanistan, where I witnessed firsthand the suffering of the people. These experiences deeply impacted me, often leaving me feeling powerless in the face of injustice.  I saw fellow wounded soldiers, who I had served alongside, who had sacrificed so much, being mistreated by military leadership. Despite facing threats and adversity, I stood up for them, knowing it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t stand idly by while those who had served alongside me, and sacrificed so much, suffered. 

Every time I returned home I noticed more rights and freedoms being chipped away by politicians who seem disconnected and out of touch with the struggles of ordinary people.  It’s abundantly clear to me that our political systems are no longer confined or constrained by the limits that’s awarded by the Constitution but, instead, politicians have abdicated the responsibilities of their powers away to bureaucratic institutions. 

I think the answer lies in returning to the fundamental principles that made this country great in the first place. It’s about restoring the Constitution to its intended state and returning the power to where it rightfully belongs and that’s in the hands of the citizens. We are at war, but this time the battlefield is not in a foreign land; it’s right here at home, fighting for the values that truly matter. 


There’s actually several things that set me apart. First off, I’m not a career politician. My opponent’s current voting record speaks volumes about his character and where his allegiance really lies. In the military I was taught to lead by example. I’ve never hesitated to take a principled stance even in the face of personal risk, to protect vulnerable individuals. My commitment to service and integrity is what drives me. I spent the majority of my deployments outside the wire working directly with the Afghan citizens. I believe that genuine charity and change comes from a person’s actions and deeds, and the solutions are derived from a foundational and principled approach, unlike my opponent, who seems more focused on protecting government institutions and special interests than the rights and liberties of the citizens. 

My multiple deployments have taught me invaluable lessons, particularly regarding governance in Afghanistan. The disconnect between the Afghan leadership and the people was blatant, with government officials often ignoring the needs of their constituents, while placing their own selfish priorities first. I vividly recall an incident where local villagers sought assistance to clear irrigation canals, only to be turned away by my chain of command and directed to corrupt local authorities. This shortsighted approach not only left the community in despair but also fueled resentment, turning potential allies into adversaries. This story epitomizes the self-serving nature of politics today, where personal agendas overshadow public service. My commitment is clear: I will prioritize serving others over personal gain or political ambition. 


My primary objective is safeguarding civil liberties, which are too often overlooked in policy discussions. We must advocate for principles enshrined in the Constitution to ensure the government respects our freedoms. Additionally, I aim to empower communities, fostering a culture where citizens take ownership of local issues rather than relying solely on government as a reprieve. It’s time to break free from dependency and foster a spirit of mutual support among neighbors. 

Transparency and accountability are non-negotiable. Too often, decisions are made to appease special interests rather than serving the needs of the people. We deserve representatives who prioritize the well-being of their constituents over personal gain or political agendas. I am committed to fostering better leadership and representation at all levels of government. 

Engaging with and educating constituents is vital for effective governance. I believe in active communication and listening to the concerns of the people. It’s time for politicians to step out of their bubbles and truly connect with and educate those they represent. 


Our state and nation are in dire need of statesmen and representatives, not just politicians who talk about what they could or would do. We are facing an epidemic of political impostors who lack the moral courage to enact real change and fight for ordinary Idahoans. 

I’m asking for your vote because I embody authenticity, resilience, and a warrior’s spirit. Drawing from my unique military experiences, I pledge to be a principled representative, prioritizing integrity and transparency in every decision I make. 

I am confident that I am the right candidate to propel our state forward towards a more prosperous future. My commitment to serving the people, especially the most vulnerable, is unwavering. By voting for me, you are choosing someone who truly values every individual’s voice and story, ensuring that everyone is valued and heard. Through my words and deeds, you will know my intentions are true. Be bold, be brave, be free! 

Phone: 208-358-0203 



Remember to vote in the Republican Primary Tuesday May 21st.

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I have read your bio and beliefs however I did not see where you stood on the issue of a Convention of States and Term Limits. Please let me know your feeling on these two subjects.

Greetings Frederick,
I urge you to contact the newly elected candidates directly by going to their websites.
In liberty,
Hilber Nelson, MVLA

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