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Meet Kally Schiffler, Candidate for State Representative Dist. 26a

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I was prompted to run for office when my granddaughters would come
home from the capitol — working as interns — and they would share with me different things that took place during their day and would ask me to pray for different bills that were being passed. I was really saddened to see that a lot of the people that I had voted for weren’t representing what I thought they stood for. I realized that we needed help at every level of government.

We need to check the voting records of our Representatives and know who represents us well. It is our awesome responsibility to vote God-fearing Representatives into governmental positions so we can get our states and nation back into alignment with “One nation under God.”

So, God really prompted me to not just be a prayer warrior but to literally join my granddaughters in the fight for our state, to help pass bills that will be good for the next generations. Bills that protect them and bills that don’t burden them with future debt. It’s time to buckle down on excessive spending and government overreach. It’s not complicated to right these wrongs. To me that’s simple really. What the Bible says is right is right and what the Bible says is wrong is wrong. It’s time to stand for what is right, and that’s my heart.

I think we need mamas and daddy’s to stand and fight for their children, grandmas and grandpas to fight for their grandchildren. I will fight for our children and grandchildren! I will fight for our unborn babies! Our children are being taught things that don’t align with what God says is right. They’re being taught a woke agenda, gender confusion, and allowed to have pornographic materials easily accessible in their public schools and libraries. This needs to stop, and the only way to do that is to take a stand and say, “No more!”


The main thing that sets me apart from my opponent is I’m running as a conservative Republican. My opponent is a Democrat, so already our
values are quite different. I’ve watched my opponent vote against bills that I believe would protect our children. He has voted against bills like restricting children’s access to porn in libraries and bills that would ban trans surgeries and hormones for minors and bills that would restrict minor’s access to sexual exhibitions in public areas. We aren’t in agreement when it comes down to protecting our children from this woke ideology. I will fight like a mama bear for the future of our children. I guess that’s the main things that sets us apart.


Some of my goals when I get into office is to join forces with like-minded Representatives to put God back on the governmental mountain. I want to pass bills that completely abolish abortion with absolutely no exceptions. I want to put God back on the education mountain. I want to pass bills that protect our children from a woke agenda that has infiltrated our schools and our society. I want to pass bills that get our education system back to the real reasons public schools were founded. I believe these reasons are first and foremost, to love and serve God. Second, to love and serve our country. And third, to love and serve our family. Afterall, without God first we wouldn’t have a free country to raise our family in.

I also want to see Idaho become sovereign again. Idaho is 40% reliant on federal funds at this moment in time, which means we are not sovereign. We the people need to reclaim control of our great state. Our Independence is not for sale!

Idaho’s Spending Problem from Stop Idaho RINOs.

Watch Idaho Signal LIVE with Maria Nate, Executive Director of Idaho Freedom Caucus on fighting back against growing our bloating state budget and increasing our dependence on federal dollars. Start at time stamp 10:15.

Another goal is to protect our 2nd amendment rights. The right to bear arms is what keeps this nation powerful. We cannot afford to be divided or unarmed. I believe that we can stand strong again if we vote God-fearing people into leadership positions, and get our nation aligned back with one nation under God — in God we trust — and united we stand. So, God can bless this country again, starting with Idaho. 

Unity is crucial to our survival. What walking in unity looks like to me is standing on values that are God-given values. When there’s opposition to unity, we’re not called to hurt each other. We’re called to voice our opinions, our God-given ideas and values, to love each other and stand together, to find ways that help our communities, to help our children and the future generations, and to boldly declare God’s truth instead of undermining it. We can always find a way to be united. United we stand, divided we fall.


I am a native Idahoan! My heart is for Idaho and my heart is for Idaho
families. I am a mama and a grandma. I will fight for the children of Idaho like a mama bear fights for her cubs. I believe now, more than ever, there is a battle that every mama every daddy, every grandma and every grandpa, should rally together and fight for our children, fight for the future of our grandchildren. They will be our future leaders, let’s equip them to lead America well. Let’s teach them godly principles and equip them with a godly moral compass.

I’m calling on Idahoans to join the battle with me, to stand on the front lines, and to take back the moral ground that we have let slip away while we were sleeping. This is a call to action! It’s time for righteous leaders to lead. Wake up warriors and join the battle cry for righteousness.

I am asking for your vote. Your vote is your voice! Let your voice be heard loud and clear that you will fight for the next generation. Vote God-fearing people into leadership positions so we can turn this nation back to God together.
Phone: 208-539-5313

Remember to vote in the Republican Primary Tuesday May 21st.

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Thank you Kally Schiffler for stepping up to the plate … I so appreciate your Christian values. I will be voting for you. God Bless You!😊

Kelly’s interview is not on the page where the link sends us. It is a page with all the interview’s w/photos, but not the actual interview. Surely hope this is correctible.

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