Run for office. Who, me?

Yes, YOU! Even if you have been mildly contemplating running for public office, city council, or school board — even just a little — please email us. We will meet with you to explore this further to help you make a more informed decision. We will NOT pressure you. We promise. If you choose to run, we have the tools, mentors, and boots-to-the ground support to help you make RINOs extinct in the Magic Valley. Contact us today!

Young Americans for Liberty: Learn How to Win

YAL VISION: to build a bench of 250 liberty legislators at the sate level who will advance a pro-liberty philosophy, ascend to higher office, and reclaim the direction of our government. They are the most active and effective pro-liberty organization advancing liberty on campus and in American electoral politics. YAL website.

OPERATION WIN AT THE DOOR training program is intended for liberty lovers (like you) who are SERIOUS about running for office. Even if you still don’t have all the details ironed out or a campaign plan in hand, YAL will evaluate your viability as a candidate. Visit YAL Operation Win at the Door to learn more.

READY TO TAKE THE PLUNGE? Whether you are in the early stages of your campaign or are just thinking about running in the next 6 years, alert YAL now (and MVLA) that you are serious about making liberty win. Fill out the form to get on YAL’s radar and get connected with our Liberty Candidate Academy. Form.

To help get you started, below is a list of helpful links to file for and start your candidacy, or to research those candidates who have already filed to run. If you choose to run for office, please contact us with the good news.


Precinct Committeeman:

Run for Committeeman in 2024

(The Republican primary election is May 21, 2024)

  1. Get to know your precinct and the committeeman who represents you
    1. Twin Falls County Precinct Map
    2. Twin Falls precinct Committeemen by precinct
  2. If you don’t think your representative to the Republican party is representing you, file for your candidacy by March 11, 2024
    1. Review the 2024 Idaho election calendar
    2. Review, sign, & file the candidacy form
  3. Get to know your neighbors! Walk your precinct and knock doors. Make your case to your potential constituents. You can use our articles about how the current Republican Central Committee has failed the Republicans in Twin Falls to help make your case
    1. Republican Central Committee a private club?
    2. Republican Central Committee favors mask mandates
  4. Watch the short video by Precinct Precinct Committeemen are today’s political Minute Men. This site is packed with everything you need to run for Precinct Committeeman.
  5. Make sure to remind your constituents to vote in the Republican primary on May 17, 2024

City Council:

Twin Falls Open Board & Commission Seats:

South Central Public Health District:

South Central Public Health District serves Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka, and Twin Falls counties. Click here to contact the office of your choice to inquire about becoming a board member.