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Meet Andrew Easterday, Candidate for Twin Falls County Sheriff

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We’ve got Highway 93 running through the county, and it’s a bloodline for drugs. We’ve seen some deputies pull drugs off of 93, but that’s only because they’ve taken upon it themselves to get out find those drugs. We no longer have a designated Traffic Team interdicting the traffic flow to stop the trafficking of illegal drugs. So those drugs find their way into our local communities. 

As a tax paying citizen, I’ve noticed that a K9 program would aid us in finding those drugs and getting them off the streets before they make it into our community. We’ve seen a large increase in drug-related arrests between 2021 and 2022. A canine program would also help us in apprehending violent suspects.

What’s also prompted me to run is Twin Falls County is no longer the small population that we once were. As a whole, our population is close to 90,000 people, with people moving in here from out of state. We again need to have a designated Traffic Team enforcing the speed limits and correcting traffic violations occur. This would prevent crashes and provide safer roadways for our county. 


I believe what sets me apart is that law enforcement is forever changing. If you’re not currently in law enforcement and keeping up with the times with boots on the ground, you’re not up with what’s going on out there. Without seeing first-hand the drug problems, as I do, and that deputies are actually dealing with, you’re not going to be able to come up with the best solutions.

Because of my experiences, I believe I have the ability to fix the issues better than someone sitting behind a desk. It’s one thing to hear about issues, it’s another to see the issues first hand. I work closely with the Twin Falls County deputies and I can see the needs of the deputies as well the community. 


Some of my main goals are to better the benefits of the deputies. Right now, some deputies are paying about $1300 a month for insurance out of their paycheck for a family of four. I believe that nobody that puts on a badge and a vest and protects our community should be paying $1200 to $1400 a month for insurance.

Better insurance rates would help retain and recruit deputies.  Now, a lot of people don’t understand that when the County hires a deputy, they go through training and through schooling which is about six months, then the deputy is put through a three-month field training.  We’ve essentially invested a year’s worth of pay of about $50,000 into one deputy which is a huge loss when that deputy ends up going to a different agency with better benefits. We’re paying for that as the other agencies are absorbing them. Other agencies in Twin Falls have better insurance, which hurts the sheriff’s office when great deputies leave.

Twin Falls County used to have different specialties. One was a Traffic Team. I want to bring back a Traffic Team and a team that specializes in drug apprehension. With the open borders, this is now more crucial than ever in reducing drug-related crimes.  This relates back to my idea to having a K9 program. Having different specialty teams that our men and women can be a part of makes for a well-rounded deputy, and in turn getting the best results for making Twin Falls County a safe place to work, live, and play.


I’m currently career law enforcement and in my time as an active law enforcement officer, with the Filer Police Dept. for the past eight years, I’ve had time to see the issues within our community. I have many years ahead of me to continue to fix issues that may arise and also to grow along with Twin Falls County. I think people will relate to seeing a current law enforcement officer in office that’s seen the issues that are going on within the county. 

Citizens and their rights are always going to be the first priority of mine. I personally don’t like big government, so as sheriff I would be a constitutionalist sheriff working for the people. I will always have an open door policy for not only our deputies but for the citizens in our community. 




Phone: 208-420-8478

Remember to vote in the Republican Primary Tuesday May 21

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Idaho has the highest incarceration rate of any western nation on earth, and even surpassing a communist state, China. Will he as sheriff address this? How willy-nilly the police and prosecutors are in this county is pretty egregious and certainly needs addressed, but by the looks of it, seems like he is more focused on increasing the problem.

Good question. I suggest contacting him via his contact info at the end of the interview. Or attend one of several MVLA Meets & Greets this month and next. Go to our Events page to view the flyer for dates and times.

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