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Why Your Vote in the Magic Valley May 2024 Primary Election is Vital to Keeping Idaho Red

How your vote in May counts the most
How RINOs are turning Idaho blue
List of May primary candidates for state and Magic Valley races

  • How your vote in May counts the most
  • How RINOs are turning Idaho blue
  • Magic Valley Liberty Alliance 2024 Magic Valley Voter Guide

Most voters don’t realize that when they go to the polls in November their Party’s candidates were decided for them in the May primary election. Yep.  Our website has a page devoted to this problem. Click here to read. 

The really good news is there are many liberty-minded conservative Republican candidates running against establishment Magic Valley Republican RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), both in the state legislature and Magic Valley precincts.

Sadly, too many voters don’t bother to look past the ‘R’ on voting day to review their legislator’s voting record. I urge you to do that right now by going to Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index, and American Conservative Union scorecards.  It’s going to shock you.

Now you know. Magic Valley Republican legislators who violate their Party’s platform are die-hard RINOs. They earned their low scores because they simply don’t abide by the Republican Party’s Platform. If they did, this article would not be necessary, and Idaho would not be in so much trouble. That’s why we are so grateful for the many liberty-minded Republicans who are running this May.

Here’s how RINOs are turning Idaho blue – right under voters’ noses

  • RINOs vote like Democrats, as the Freedom Index and American Comservative Union scorecards reveal.
  • RINO legislators rule the Magic Valley. They have for years. See maps below.
  • RINOs are the foot soldiers for the IACI corporate globalist agenda. Many of IACI’s corporate donors are ideologically in league with the World Economic Fund’s Great Reset and Agenda 2030.  IACI’s Prosperity Fund contributors fund RINO candidates to fulfill their mission to turn Idaho blue. If successful, there will be no returning Idaho back to the people. IACI corporate contributors will be running the show.
  • It’s well worth your while to read the MVLA article, How IACI is Turning Idaho Blue, and review this flow chart to see just how much influence IACI corporate money has over RINOs, and fuels their attacks on conservatives. They are the globalist tail wagging the RINO lap dogs. 
  • RINOs are Uniparty globalists.

Here’s how you can help keep Idaho red

The primary is when YOUR vote counts the most 

Republicans who don’t vote, elect Democrats.

  • The primary gives people the ability to decide who the best candidate is. 
  • The primary provides a statewide stage for the free and open exchange of all ideas and opinions — the foundation of our American form of a participatory constitutional Republic.
  • The primary provides an important avenue through which Americans can take part in the process of choosing their own leaders.
  • The primary plays a key role in shaping the final platforms of the major candidates in the November election. Let’s say a weaker candidate drops out of the race during the final weeks of the primaries. If that candidate succeeded in winning a substantial number of votes during the primaries, there is a very good chance that some aspects of his or her platform will be adopted by the party’s chosen candidate.

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MVLA 2024 Magic Valley May Primary Voter Guide 

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2 replies on “Why Your Vote in the Magic Valley May 2024 Primary Election is Vital to Keeping Idaho Red”

It would be nice if you expanded this information out to other Idaho Counties. This is an extremely important race to fill these offices. Idaho needs the right representives to maintain Idaho values and preserve our Constitutional rights. If we are going to keep her red all of Idaho’s Conservative Republicans need to get on board.

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