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Meet Ernie Cahala, Candidate for Lincoln County Sheriff

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I feel the people of Lincoln County deserve to be treated equally. The deputies need to have continual training in order to do their job proficiently. We need to crack down on drug issues and other major crime issues here in Lincoln County. We will protect citizen’s rights, no matter who’s coming at it.

I will always strive to do the right thing by putting the people first. Our administration will stand firmly behind citizen’s rights. Continual training with the deputies, I feel, is a necessity. Under the current administration, cases are being dismissed due to poor investigations and inadequate report writing.

We have a serious drug problem here in Lincoln County that needs to be addressed. Fentanyl is a major issue, along with methamphetamines. Under our administration, we will put a team together to fight these issues within Lincoln County. Currently, the deputies want to do their job but feel restricted due to lack of support from the current administration. Under my administration we will provide support to every deputy and the tools they need to do their job efficiently.


I will treat citizens equally. I will bring leadership to the office so our deputies can thrive in the profession that they’ve chosen. I will provide continual training to the deputies to improve not only their safety but the safety of Lincoln County citizens.

Under my administration, we will form a solid foundation within the Sheriff’s Office. That starts with the hiring process. That process will no longer be done solely by the Sheriff. We will put an interview board together consisting of the Sheriff, Undersheriff, a civilian, and both Patrol Sergeants. We feel doing so would not allow the so-called “good old boy” system to play a part in the interviewing and hiring process.

I will improve relationships with surrounding jurisdictions. One man cannot make a change. It is a team effort. Relationships with surrounding jurisdictions is a major part of the team that we need here, to create a safer environment for citizens.

The communications between the administration and the deputies needs to be addressed. Deputies should not feel hesitant or afraid to address issues with their supervisors or the administration. Deputies need to have a voice that is heard by the administration and not ignored. Within my administration, deputies will have a voice on day-to-day operations.

I believe the need for continuing training has to be addressed. We will be a working administration to assist deputies throughout the day with calls to service. Our administration will cover when deputies are on vacation or out sick.

I believe the need for continuing training has to be addressed.


My goal as Sheriff is to provide a safer community for the citizens of Lincoln County. We need to start concentrating on community policing, along with starting to focus on drug issues and other major crime issues within the jurisdiction of Lincoln County.

When it comes to the budgeting of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, our administration will look at how we spend that budget, and what is not only going to benefit the Sheriff’s Office but taxpayer’s money. We will utilize the budget to give the deputies the right resources and the tools to do their job. There are grants out there available to assist small jurisdictions, such as Lincoln County, that could go for equipment, training, etcetera.


I bring 12 years total law enforcement experience, along with two and a half years of proven leadership experience with Argus Security, where I was the truck patrol supervisor, and the area manager in Missoula,
Montana, with managing 41 employees.

We will always strive to do the right thing, have fair and equal justice between all of the citizens in Lincoln County, and not just a select few. We will always put the people first for a better tomorrow.

Phone: 406-274-2119
To send me a private message, go to Facebook Messenger, type in Ernie Cahala Jr.

Remember to vote in the Republican Primary Tuesday May 21st.

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