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Oppose the World Health Organization’s Global Health Mandates

Sign the Declaration of Opposition to the International Health Regulations Amendment to stop W.H.O.’s power grab of our nation’s sovereignty and your rights

The W.H.O. global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness would grant the W.H.O. absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more. Read more here.

The treaty amounts to an extension of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals #3: Good Health and Well Being.

Time is running out to stop the plot to undermine U.S. sovereignty. Of course, the Biden administration is all in on global governance bureaucrats overriding your medical authority of your body, and quietly submitted proposed amendments to W.H.O. on Jan 18th that would give the U.N. agency’s director-general unilateral authority to declare a health emergency in the United States. Read about it here. Read more about the amendments here.

WATCH: Former Congress member Michele Bachmann urges, ‘Melt the phone lines’ over W.H.O. power grab. ‘Trust me, once they get power, they’ll use it.’

Time running out to stop Biden’s plot to secretly undermine U.S. national sovereignty. Sign the Declaration now and share this article with everyone.

One reply on “Oppose the World Health Organization’s Global Health Mandates”

I oppose this!! It is not for a Global Power to be the TYRANT of authority over common people of sovereign lands. Opposed! Opposed! Opposed!!!!!
It’s bad enough our own government is turning rancid.

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