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‘St. Luke’s Magic Valley Fired Me for Not Taking the Jab – After Two Vaccine Injuries and a Medical Exemption’

Editor’s note: This individual agreed to tell their exclusive story to MVLA as an anonymous source.   

I am sharing my story because no one is doing anything. 

I accepted a job at St. Luke’s in 2017. At that time they said that vaccines were mandatory. I explained my concerns given my family history of adverse reactions to vaccines, so they let me know that I could get a medical exemption, and I would just have to wear a mask. 

Medical exemption denied

So even though I got a medical exemption from my primary physician, I was required to get a TDAP, MMR, and flu vaccine. My physician let me know later that the MMR was a childhood disease and adults don’t need to get that vaccine anyway.


I had a severe allergic reaction. I had headaches, nausea, arm pain and fatigue. They sent me to physical therapy which didn’t really help much. I felt like the St. Luke’s doctors were completely ignorant as to how to help me. I felt like the doctors at St. Luke’s acted like a deer in the headlights and didn’t want to touch you with a 10-foot pole — after they always say how ‘safe and effective’ these vaccines are. I suffered these symptoms for about eight months. My arm felt very heavy. I am a very active person. I have always been physically active — riding bikes for several miles, I always ate right and exercised throughout my life. It was very devastating to have this kind of chronic pain and fatigue.

Medical exemption denied, again

I felt so violated, that I could not protect myself from my employer injecting something in me that made me so sick. I’m a single parent, so I felt like my back was up against the wall — like you just had to get this even though they denied your medical exemption — because you have a child you have to take care of. Then in October 2018 I applied for another medical exemption for the flu vaccine. Even though I had suffered injuries for eight months, they sent me to physical therapy. St. Luke’s denied my medical exemption a second time – though they injured me.

More injuries

When I received the flu vaccine, I felt a burning sensation go in my arm all the way up my shoulder and up the left side of my face. I felt nauseous and weak. I was down for five days. I went to Occupational Health to get time off work because I was so weak on my left side. I had severe headaches. They sent me to physical therapy again. My arm was so weak. It felt like it weighed 100 pounds.

I just felt like the doctors at St. Luke’s were just so ignorant, especially when you’re in pain and this could have been avoided had they honored my medical exemptions. So, the fatigue, the arm pain, the numbness, and the tingling continued. My arm would fall asleep during the night. It would last sometimes 30 minutes, or up to an hour, where my arm was just completely numb. A couple months later I started to get bladder spasms. I just felt like my body was on hyperactive inflammation mode. I would have to take naps on my lunch break and lay down after work. Even walking just 15 minutes was an effort.

About a year later I went to a neurologist because the numbness in my left side and weakness was not going away. He said that I had the flu from fighting an infection from the virus they put in my body. In his medical examination, he stated that I cannot have a flu vaccine or any other vaccine in my lifetime due to contraindications from these mandated vaccines. He said to continue to move my arm even though it was painful. The first year I could probably only lift about two to three pounds. I just continued to exercise my arm. After three years, I can lift eight pounds. Before the vaccine injury, I could do bicep curls with 12-to-15-pound dumbbells.

Getting worse and worse

Then in 2020 the pain in my face got worse. Due to COVID, I wasn’t allowed to travel because my doctor is in another state. So, I went to my dentist. He said I’m not biting down on the left side, causing my jaw to slide, causing stress on the joint. He suggested following up with the neurologist. I went to see a naturopath for chronic pain. He did a similar exam and reached the same conclusion — that the left side of my face is weaker and is affecting my bite which is causing the exacerbation of the pain. I tried pain relievers.

In June 2021, while getting my teeth cleaned, I had an exacerbation of nerve pain that was debilitating for about five days. I went back to my dentist. He said the X-Ray looked fine, that it’s not my teeth, and recommended that I follow up with the neurologist. I met with a new neurologist. He didn’t feel there was anything wrong with my teeth. He recommended I get an MRI, so I went in for one in November of 2021. I am still waiting for the results.

If I brush my teeth too much or chew too much, I sometimes get an exacerbation of nerve pain in my face. The pain extends to the left quadrant of my body. It’s constantly throbbing and gets to where it’s unbearable — at about a level nine or ten. I live every day at a pain level of about three or four. When exacerbated it’s a tingling stabbing pain, or a dull spreading ache — like the nerves are just on edge. When I get a migraine it’s only on the left side of my face. After the second vaccine injury, I cried myself to sleep every night, wondering if it was ever going away. Here I am three years later after the second injury, and it is getting worse.

Not ‘safe and effective’

So, when I hear ‘vaccines are safe and effective’, it makes me want to vomit, because I work in the medical field, and there is no such thing as ‘safe and effective.’ There is medical risk with every procedure and for any medical professional to state otherwise is lying to you. I again sent my medical exemption letter that I had from my neurologist, and I received an email from St. Luke’s Employee Health on November 1st stating they wanted more information. At this point I was furious. I have medical bills from an injury that they caused. I’m still not well after three years of pain and suffering physically and emotionally, and they have the nerve to ask me after they’ve injured me twice for more information when it clearly states I cannot have another vaccine.

‘You’re fired’

So, I called St. Luke’s Compliance Office to let them know that I was being harassed by Employee Health. I was told a Compliance Officer would call me in three days. I never got a call. I was fired a week later. I was fired because I spoke up and let them know of what Employee Health is doing. I am being discriminated against because I can’t have a vaccine. I was forced to get a vaccine to keep my job even though there was family history and a medical history of allergies — just to be clear. St. Luke’s fired me because they said I did not follow through with their mandate for the COVID vaccine. They would not take into account the injury that they caused.

Idaho Legislators – puppets for St. Luke’s

I feel like our legislators have failed me and other people like me because I have written to them. I have showed up at my Republican meetings sharing my story — that no one should be forced to get a vaccine against their will, especially if they’ve already been injured. No one should be fired for an experimental vaccine. I feel like our legislators are just puppets for St. Luke’s. They have no courage to stand up and do what’s right for the citizens of Idaho — people like me, good workers, with a strong work ethic. I show up to work no matter how much pain and suffering I’ve been in, and I am an expert in my field. I’m respected by my other coworkers. I have many certifications in my field. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree, I’m an intelligent person, and I am willing to stand up and come forward and say enough is enough! Legislators need to do something.

Below is the email I sent to my Representative, Laurie Lickley, last year

Hello Representative Laurie Lickley,

My friend sent me the email that you sent her. I am an employee of St. Luke’s and I would like to tell you that your information is not correct regarding the numbers of vaccinated employees.

Only 72% of employees chose to get the COVID injection. Being forced to get an experimental injection to keep a job is unconstitutional. As a representative you should uphold the constitutional laws and not support anything to take away the freedom of choice. Biden’s proposal has not gone through Congress and it is not law. Forcing any medical procedure on its citizens is medical tyranny. NO EMPLOYER SHOULD FORCE A MEDICAL PROCEDURE THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO CAUSE DEATH! Every medical procedure or treatment has risk. Anyone who works in the medical field knows this. To claim any vaccine is safe, is a lie!

I have friends and acquaintances that have lost family members due to the COVID injection. I have also seen a tremendous increase in hospitalization due to adverse effects of the COVID injection the past six months as well as many other severe adverse effects in the clinical setting. The COVID VACCINATED ARE GETTING COVID AND GETTING SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS THAT CAUSE HOSPITALIZATION! That is the truth that is being suppressed!  Yet, the unvaccinated are somehow the problem.  Companies and health care institutions have no right to force a medical procedure on their employees. Especially when the COVID injection has done nothing to prevent COVID, has severe side effects (including death), and is experimental.


Sen. Jim Patrick, Dist. 25

(This email was forwarded to Sen. Jim Patrick and Rep. Clark Kauffman. (None responded).

Witnessing vaccine deaths, injuries and cover-ups

I have written to them on the deaths and the side effects that I have seen from the COVID vaccine. I received no response. I have reviewed thousands and thousands of medical records.  I see what it’s doing to people. I see the deaths from it. I see the doctors not linking the symptoms to it. I see the cover up. No legislator has responded to my emails.

Rep. Clark Kauffman, Dist. 25

A call to courage

Mandates are an attack on our right to bodily autonomy. We must demand our legislators uphold the U.S. Constitution. This is a time in our nation where people are either going to comply or they’re going to stand up and be warriors, and fight for our freedoms. I am a warrior. I am choosing to stand up and fight! I invite every patriot to rise up to fight against medical tyranny.

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I am a retired dentist and I DO NOT TAKE the flu shots as I had an allergic reaction to it about 25 years ago! I had “delirium tremors for three days” after the one and only flu shot so I refuse to take it again! I have had only one shot (Moderna) and I WILL NOT take any more! I worked in the pharmaceutical industry before going to dental school and I understand the risks involved! We the people are the “Guinea pigs” now in the Covid shots! EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY MAY HAVE SOME RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH IT! You may have side effects or you may not.

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