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Your Resource Guide to MVLA’s 2023 Idaho Legislative Update Meetings

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It’s loaded with the tools you need to take decisive and effective action all through the legislative session and our MVLA Legislative Update Meetings. While these regular meetings will give you the inside baseball on upcoming bills, this guide will help you take immediate action all through this legislative session by

  • Contact info on all Magic Valley legislators
  • Tracking legislation in-the-making, daily!
  • Knowing which legislator to contact to voice your support or opposition of a bill
  • Having quick access to summary briefs on bills
  • Have a working knowledge of rules and procedures (super important!)
  • Learn what the true liberty legislators (Idaho Freedom Caucus) are doing to preserve our constitutional rights, and who are the RINOs.

Come prepared each to each MVLA 2023 Legislation Session Update meeting by becoming familiar with the guide. Share this guide.

Legislative Districts Map

District 24


Chenelle Dixon
House Seat A
3430 Harvest Moon Drive, Kimberly, ID, 83341
Home: (208) 332-1024
Statehouse: (208) 332-1024 (Session Only)

Steven Miller
House Seat B
1208 E 200 N, Fairfield, ID, 83327
Home: (208) 332-1061
Statehouse: (208) 332-1061 (Session Only)


Glenneda  Zuiderveld
PO Box 3123, Twin Falls, ID, 83303
Home: (208) 280-0716
Statehouse: (208) 332-1347 (Session Only)

District 25


Lance W. Clow
2170 Bitterroot Dr, Twin Falls, ID, 83301
Home: (208) 733-5767
Statehouse: (208) 332-1188 (Session Only)

Greg L. Lanting
House Seat B
355 Elm St N, Apt 1, Twin Falls, ID, 83301
Home: (208) 490-3511
Statehouse: (208) 332-1182 (Session Only)


Linda Wright Hartgen
  (Served 2 terms, House 2018-2022)
1681 Wildflower Ln, Twin Falls, ID, 83301
Home: (208) 332-1318
Statehouse: (208) 332-1318 (Session Only)

District 26


Jack  Nelsen
House Seat B
253 E 650 N, Jerome, ID, 83338
Home: (208) 320-1921
Statehouse: (208) 332-1032 (Session Only)

Ned Burns

House Seat A
PO Box 693, Bellevue, ID, 83313
Home: (208) 332-1174
Statehouse: (208) 332-1174 (Session Only)


Ron Taylor

419 South 2nd Ave, Hailey, ID, 83333
Home (208) 831-1726
Statehouse (208) 332-1353 (Session Only)

District 27


Clay Handy

House Seat B
29 S 150 E, Burley, ID, 83318
Home: (208) 332-1074
Statehouse: (208) 332-1074 (Session Only)

Douglas Pickett

House Seat A
625 W 1700 S, Oakley, ID, 83346
Home: (208) 862-3387
Statehouse: (208) 332-1123 (Session Only)


Kelly  Arthur  Anthon
725 E 300 S, Burley, ID, 83318
Home: (208) 654-4099
Statehouse: (208) 332-1327 (Session Only)

This site is jam-packed with intel and tools to empower you with critical and essential information you won’t find all in one place. This site has it all: a full list of House and Senate pending bills, full list of all committees, need-to-know rules and regulations, House and Senate scheduled meetings for the week, a spreadsheet of House and Senate bills already evaluated and analyzed. In addition, you’ll have the 2023 Conservative Agenda at your fingertips when contacting RINOs about legislation.

Remember to save this Resource Guide in your browser to have handy. You’re going to be glad you did once the hundreds of bills blast out of the gate for floor debate and voting. So, buckle your seat belt. Welcome to real world self-governance!

Idaho Legislature Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker provides you with a convenient one-stop link to current listings of all Bills that are to be debated in Senate and House Committees. We highly recommend viewing daily, especially once the gates of bills open up.

The Official Website of the Idaho Legislature

Get equipped by becoming familiar with this site. You’ll be using it a lot, to contact your legislator, contact the right committees, track legislative sessions, research legislature’s policies and guidelines, and much more.

Join Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Capitol Carity

Watch live every Thursday at noon online during the 2023 legislative session to learn how government really works. You can also sign up at this site to receive Capitol Clarity in your email.

These sites take the guess work out of knowing who to contact when there’s a bill needing your immediate action.

Who’s Who on the Senate Committee

Who’s Who on the House Committee

2023 Legislative Rules Review Books

Whether you can join prayer warriors at the Boise capitol, or from your own home or on the go, please remember to pray each Thursday at 11 to noon for our Idaho Freedom Caucus legislators (listed below), and all who are in the trenches fighting to preserve our liberties. Please pray for their families, safety in traveling to and from the capitol each week, for their mental, physical and spiritual health. Email them to let them know you are praying for them.

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