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Preparing for the Next Lockdown: Knowing How Emergency Policy is Made

Editor’s note: This article contains excerpts from Naomi Wolf’s latest book, The Bodies of Others, chapter six. Naomi Wolf is a nationally known journalist and bestselling author. I highly recommend reading her book to help you become psychologically prepared for Lockdown 2.0.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

So you won’t get fooled again WHEN Lockdown 2.0 happens, the first thing Wolf urges her readers to understand is that Pandemic 1.0 was a false pretext for ushering in the real aim of global elitists: 360-degree social control. So many Americans were easily fooled because most Americans are a “trusting and good-hearted people and many citizens had little understanding of how policy is crafted in an emergency opportunity context.”

Emergency policy is never about the emergency

When Lockdown 1.0 shuttered businesses, closed schools and left terrified citizens scrambling for toilet paper, and donning masks to ‘flatten the curve’, most of us complied because we naturally assumed “emergency related policies are made as a direct response to the needs of citizens.”

Not so, says Wolf.  Former President Clinton operative Rahm Emanuel told a Wall Street Journal forum how some political operatives regard horrific situations when he famously stated, “Never let a serious crisis to go to waste.”  Government responses, says Wolf, “to a crisis will always be presented to the citizenry as addressing their needs, no matter how awful the emergency” policy.

In being prepared for Lockdown 2.0, Wolf urges her readers to understand that emergency policy is crafted on the basis of “whether it offers an opportunity to promote their [globalist’s] interests. This is why a lot of emergency policy can seem illogical to citizens on the receiving end behind the scenes and conversations that media do not cover.”

The policy makers behind the policy makers

Dozens of lobbyists and assorted billionaires oftentimes have a say in what that emergency legislation or health mandates look like. The hidden special interests can range from big pharma executives to real estate investors to telecom and tech companies. These days lobbyists can and do include foreign nations, even foreign nations, that far from being our immediate allies are our sworn adversaries.

Exploiting the crisis

Those dozens of hands and scores of fingerprints belonging to the lobbyists for the mega corporations and billionaires that shaped it are invisible. The policy is rolled out as being driven solely by medical necessity and peer reviewed research. This is often a lie, yet it is received as truth by citizens but never more so than in the panic of the crisis, not only because they have no way to see how the sausage is made but also because they’re afraid.

Bypassing normal legislation

Indeed, the outcome sought by the elites can’t be accomplished nearly as readily in ordinary times. Where lobbyists certainly play a part but find their roles constrained by the normal legislative process but in a COVID-closed or COVID-managed society, there is none of the scrutiny that routinely accompanies the making of legislation.

Silencing dissent

 Normal debate is suspended. Reporters … won’t ask hard questions of policy which will comprehensively control people’s behavior and movements that is crafted in darkness. ‘Emergencies’ create unbelievably lucrative opportunities for the ramping up of corruption.

Controlling outcomes without a trace

Wolf points out how elites enforce emergency policy to gain ever more control of their official narrative by branding dissenters and any who dare question their version of ‘the science.’ Wolf writes from personal experience as a journalist how elites have bought media and bought social media influencers to deter citizens from recognizing the fundamental but dispiriting truth that powerful people always seek to control history and markets and limit their risk in a systematic way. She has seen how powerful people seek to bring about historical outcomes without leaving written evidence using nonprofits [NGOs] and DC elites at the highest levels of government to push their agenda without direct instruction, let alone written memos, leaving no fingerprints and no paper trail.

Mind control propaganda

Wolf writes about the astonishing speed and expense with which both government elites and media outlets uniformly rolled out not only their official narrative of the health crisis, but sound bites on how you should think and act – all over the world. Here are a few examples from this chapter:

If you really love someone, you will not go near them.

You love your elders best by not going to see them, by not touching them, by not visiting them — ever.

You could kill your grandmother if you visit her.

We stand together by staying apart.

Wolf recalls being bombarded by images of loving families connecting with their elders, not by physical hugs and visits but through the safe, sanitary digital screen. That was real love. She observes how restrictions were intentionally dizzyingly confusing and erratic on purpose:

We were learning the culture of zoom meetings.

We were learning about the culture of quarantines.

Emergency policy was about “getting people to accept that distance was how you showed love.”

Courage is contagious

Mustering the courage to stand against the tidal wave of 360-degree social control of the next lockdown “emergency” begins by being able to recognize the signs Naomi Wolf has laid out in this excellent book. The next step of empowerment is knowing you will not be standing alone. By making a commitment with loved ones and friends NOW to live not by the fear mongering lies of DC elites and a complicit media, we at MVLA invite you to join with other liberty-loving citizens who are determined to live in freedom and truth. Visit our home page for upcoming events and trainings to equip you, encourage you, and take effective action.

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