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How Much Local Support is there for Pride?

For those of you too busy with life to have noticed, last week marked a significant milestone in Idaho’s decline to Californiadom. Boise’s Pride Festival gained national attention by joining the depravity and moral bankruptcy of liberal culture in the west to encourage the sexual exploitation of children. The festival coordinators hosted a child drag queen show, encouraged children to tip men dressed as sexualized women during a strip tease, and hosted a drag queen kid’s story hour.

Even after a grassroots campaign erupted over the perversion and several of the event sponsors pulled their endorsements, organizers of the Boise Pride Festival held a child drag show. This was after they publicly announced that they were cancelling the event. The depth of the moral depravity that leads to grooming children is hard to fathom. Unfortunately, Boise (and by extension Idaho) has reached those depths.

Which Companies Really Care about Magic Valley Values?

All this got me to thinking: who were the sponsors of this Boise Pride Event that did not pull their endorsements? Since this controversy happened the same week as the excellent Twin Falls September 11 memorial, I decided to compare the sponsors of both events to see if anything interesting could be found in the comparison.

Boise Pride Fest9/11 Memorial
Zions BankLes Schwab Tires
Your Health IdahoTwin Falls Veterans Council
YMCABlack Pine Cabinets
Wells FargoHank’s Custom Lawn Care
Wander MedicineLance LeBaron Homes
WalmartBish’s RV
VynylBabbel’s Cleaners & Alterations
VeoliaMagic Valley Compost & Hydraulics
Vape KastleStandlee Premium Products
University of Idaho Renter Center
Titos VodkaTwin Falls Trailer Rentals
The Krazy Coupon LadyIdaho Vipers
TeleperformanceOn Target Realty Group
TargetCoca Cola
Tandem Diabetes CareWright Physical Therapy
Stoel RivesChick-Fil-A Twin Falls
Stein DistributingNorthwest Farm Credit Services
St. Luke’sFive Fish Press
Sparklight Bulkeez Blossoms
Southminster Presbyterian ChurchPremier Auto Group
Smirnoff Color the FutureTacos El Guey
SimplotCorey Robinson
Select HealthElegant
Saint AlphonsusCNR Construction
Ruth Chris Steak House
Rey Azul Tequila & Soda
Project Filter
Primary Health
Plant Therapy
Perkins Coie
Morrison Center
Modern Hotel & Bar
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Meggers Smellies
Leaf Filter
Jack Daniels
Idaho Power
Idaho Democrat Party
Idaho Community Foundation
Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine
Idaho Central Credit Union
Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine
Humpin Hannah’s
House Wine
Hotbox Farms
Holland & Hart
HIV, STD & Hepatitis Prevention & Care
Hawley Troxell
GoGo Squeez
Gardner Group
Full Circle Health
Fred Meyer
First Congregational United Church of Christ
Enterprise Rental
Ellie Mental Health
Dash Mart
Courtyard Boise Downtown
Columbia Bank
Clearwater Analytics
City of Boise
Citi Bank
Central District Health
Bubbly Paws
Boise Weekly
Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Boise Cascade
Blue Cross of Idaho
Balsam Brands
Balcony Club
Alzeheimer’s Association
Alliance Idaho
All Saints Episcopal Church
Adam & Eve
A Body & Mind Health Services
103/5 KISS FM

Of the twenty-four sponsors of the September 11 memorial, only a small handful are large corporations. All the others are either locally-owned & operated, or locally managed businesses. Interestingly, supporters of Boise Pride (and most alternative lifestyle supporting groups) claim that your average Idahoan supports them.

How much support do you think these alternative lifestyle groups actually have here in the Magic Valley? Idaho Power pulled their support of the child drag show, but took extra pains to explicitly state that they fully support the LGBT agenda. If you are a parent in the Magic Valley, you need to start making some noise. They are literally coming for your children, and if we sit by and silently disapprove, we will lose them. The trend of people under thirty abandoning the church and leaving conservative values is on the rise.

What can we do?

What will you do to push back and protect your children? Some tried and true approaches are boycotts of these business sponsors, sending complaints to their corporate offices, and finding alternative retailers that do not support such depraved behavior. As always, we should, of course spread the word: too often things like Boise Pride’s exploitation of children go unreported on and unnoticed by the majority. Act now, or we lose everything.

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I called as many sponsors as I knew supporting this event. I called and wrote to Boise Mayor and Country Commissioners. Idahoans MUST speak up loud and clear about these evil events. I boycott as many stores that can and also write and call corporate offices. I contacted our representatives and our Governor. Pay attention and let your voice be heard! STOP. THIS. EVIL

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