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Every Idaho Citizen’s Duty: Staying Informed and Engaged During the 2024 Legislative Session

2024 Idaho Legislative Session began Monday January 8.

It is the duty of every Idaho citizen to stay informed and engaged with both our state and national governments. To facilitate this, I am providing links that everyone should save for convenience. Staying engaged will assist you in making informed decisions when voting in the primaries this May.

The links you need. Visit often. Take action.

Idaho.One (Has all sorts of Conservative News Links.)

Idaho Freedom Caucus Substack (IFC members Substack links.)

Assemble X Idaho (This is a X (formerly Twitter) platform, so you will need to sign up for X. They have live interactive programs every Wednesday. Also every Thursday you will hear updates from Idaho Freedom Caucus Members here.)

Magic Valley Liberty Alliance (Facebook, X, MVLA Substack. Visit our Partnerships page to see full listing of helpful links.)

Idaho Signal (Will be going live every day at 10:30 am Mountain time to give you updates from the Boise Capitol every day.) Subscribe now.

Idaho Dispatch (State news.)

Gem State Chronicle (News and analysis that empowers you to make positive change in Idaho.)

Pocatello Chubbuck Observer

KLIX radio 1310, with host Bill Colley. (Every morning from 6am -10am.)

Sen. Zuiderveld (with husband Tom Zuiderveld) was awarded with Outstanding Republican Legislator during the Idaho GOP Winter Meeting, Jan 6-7.

I am committed to keeping all of you informed about the good, the bad, and the ugly through Substack newsletters, social media, and short videos. Additionally, if anyone is interested in hosting a meet-and-greet at your home on Saturdays during the session, I would be delighted to come and share with you and your neighbors what your state government is doing on your behalf.

Finally, if you are in Boise on Tuesdays, I would like to invite you to two events (below) that occur every Tuesday in the Lincoln Auditorium at Your Capitol.

SUBSCRIBE to Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld’s (Dist. 24) Substack.

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