2024 Legislation

Idaho Freedom Caucus Member State Senator Brian Lenney Spearheads Free Speech Bill for 2024

Idaho Freedom Caucus member and State Senator Brian Lenney announced the introduction of a pivotal anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) bill in the 2024 legislative session. This legislative measure is designed to safeguard free speech in Idaho by providing robust protections against legal bullying through frivolous lawsuits.
The proposed bill draws from the successful frameworks of laws in states like Texas and California. It aims to shield Idahoans from the misuse of litigation by powerful interests seeking to suppress public dialogue and dissent through intimidation.

This legislation will enable quick dismissal of meritless lawsuits, alleviating the undue financial and psychological strains these cases impose. It is a clear statement that Idaho will not tolerate litigation as a tool for censorship. With resounding bipartisan support, including endorsements from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Institute for Free Speech, the bill transcends political divides. It reinforces the idea that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of all American values.
“As a proud member of the Idaho Freedom Caucus, I’m committed to defending the rights that are integral to our identity as Idahoans and Americans,” stated Senator Lenney. “This anti-SLAPP bill is a testament to that commitment, and I’m ready to lead the charge in the legislature.”
The bill positions Idaho at the forefront of national efforts to strengthen legal safeguards around free speech. Senator Lenney extends an invitation to all Idahoans to rally behind this critical initiative and
to lend their voices in support of preserving our fundamental freedoms.
For further information on the anti-SLAPP bill please contact:
State Senator Brian Lenney
(208) 614-1289

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