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Do not fear the collapse, for it is NECESSARY to dismantle the evil cabal and give humanity a path to FREEDOM

Monday, October 10, 2022 By Mike Adams Natural Health News

Editor’s Note: To help you survive and thrive, even during the coming collapse, as engineered by the masterminds of The Great Reset, rather than fearing and dreading the collapse, says Health Ranger Mike Adams, there is cause to welcome it and prepare for it.


An engineered global collapse is under way right now. If you’re reading this, you already know the score: The coming financial collapse, engineered mass famine, vaccine bioweapons, the possibility of nuclear war, the “great reset” agenda and much more. There’s no question the collapse — which has already begun — will be a chaotic event, and billions of people will needlessly suffer as globalists strangle world supplies of food, energy and money. However, the aftermath of the collapse also presents humanity with an opportunity to choose a different future after this current tyrannical system is wrecked. It is in this choice that humanity can find freedom and prosperity. Read on.

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