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The Answer to Cancel Culture: Courage Culture

The Left’s cancel culture of dissent is designed to intimidate conservatives into silence and fear. By the Left’s own admission, white evangelical Republican voters are their primary target. According to the Biden administration, “white supremacist extremism” (which is never defined) is the greatest threat to national security. Not Antifa anarchists, not radical Islamists.

Cancel culture’s woke ideology, which now permeates all three branches of government and every American institution (sports, entertainment, medicine, education, military, social media, big tech, corporations), means there are no public spaces whereby Americans can exercise their right to free speech and freedom of conscience. Gone are the days of “live and let live” — ironically, a former mantra of the Left.

When diversity is redefined as diverse populations all believing the same thing (or else), zealous social justice warriors, like the pronoun police, are able to justify militant forms of cancel culture as a legitimate means for ensuring their versions of equality, equity, combating extremism, and purging society of systemic racism. Problem is, cancel culture can lead to legislation that would penalize anyone they disagree with. Indeed, it already has. Witness the push by Congress to pass The Equality Act. Click here to learn more.

So, where can conservatives go to vent their frustrations, or have honest dialogues about these issues without fear of being shut down, doxed, fired or even assaulted? Where can conservatives safely meet like-minded patriots for support and encouragement, and get the courage they need against overwhelming opposition?

Good news!

Conservatives are no longer alone. They are finding each other in organizations like MVLA, The John Birch Society, Health Freedom Idaho, among others.  Go to the Partnerships section of this website to learn more and begin networking.

Courage is contagious.

Moral courage is forged in the company of like-minded, supportive communities – like families, churches and, we trust, organizations like MVLA. One of our goals at MVLA is to be a place that breeds bravery by encouraging, energizing, educating, and equipping you to transform your frustration and fear into positive action for change.

We invite you to join our MVLA community today by going to our home page to sign up for our MVLA Citizen Ninja newsletter. You’ll get news alerts, calls to action on legislation, and invitations to events. After you have signed up, we will email you a Citizen Ninja survey form that will ask you in areas you would like to participate. After we have received it, we will contact you to get you started.

Become a MVLA Citizen Ninja today. Together, we can turn angst into action.

“The truth won’t set us free – until we develop the skills and the habit and the talent and the moral courage to use it.” – Margaret Heffernan

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