Rep. Greg Lanting (Dist. 25, Seat B)

From Idaho GOP Platform Rating

Rep. Lanting is a member of Main Street Caucus (MSC). Together with democrats, MSC supports progressive legislation. Read Brian Almon’s article ‘Main Street or Dead End? here.


To review all campaign donations, visit Idaho Sunshine Report

Clearwater Paper $1,000 (11/4/23)

Blue cross of Idaho $500 (11/4/23)

Idaho Assoc. of Realtors $1,000 (11/4/23

Twin Falls Republican Central Committee $2,000 (11/4/23)

Idaho Power $500 (10/19/23)

Rep. Linda Hartgen (Dist. 24) $125 (4/7/23)

Rep. Lance Clow (Dist. 25) $125 (2/27/23)

Lumen Technologies Service Group $250 (12/22/23)

Idaho Realtors PAC $1,000 (10/26/23)

J. R. Simplot $500 (10/15/22)

Meet David Leavitt, Rep. Greg Lanting’s Challenger

Click here to read his exclusive interview with MVLA
Click here to watch David’s interview with Gem State Chronicle


Idaho Freedom PAC

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Conservatives Of PAC

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