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When the RINOs see the Elephant in the Room

By Bob “Nugie” Neuebauer, Gem State Patriot News

October 16, 2022

Raul Labrador is Republican candidate for attorney general.

We find it interesting that 50 supposedly Republicans including some prominent former officeholders are supporting Tom Arkoosh who is running as a democrat for attorney general. We have to ask the question why would these people who claim to be staunch Republicans be supporting a democrat? The answer is quite simple, my friends. These are the same people who have been running our state for over 2 decades and have been the reason it is turning into a liberal progressive swamp. Tom Arkoosh says he has no political ambitions. Well, we have to take exception to that claim. When we see 50 so-called prominent republicans who are really republicans in name only come out and support a democratic, we are obligated to ask the question why so much support for someone who has no political ambition? The list of RINOs who are supporting Mr. Arkoosh are a list of geriatric has-beens like Former Governor Butch Otter and his leftist wife Lori, former Governor Phil Batt, former supreme court justice Jim Jones and former Secretary of State Ben Ysursa. These are the very people who we consider members of Idaho’s elite that have been in part responsible for turning our state blue. Read on

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