Saluting Fourteen Liberty Legislators

If only more Idahoans understood the effort and faith invested by fourteen legislators.  If we believed that they would be represented by true representation, not ruled by fourteen but represented.

Fourteen Idaho Legislators and Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, met with the hope of drawing other legislators that would care enough for the people of Idaho to make the efforts favorable to put a stop to the insanity of the Fascist Medical Mafia is placing on Idaho. If only more Idahoans understood the effort and faith invested by fourteen legislators.  If we believed that they would be represented by true representation, not ruled by fourteen but represented.

Idaho may have been a red state at one time.  I often wonder as I study voting records of past representation that was “conservative” and what seemed like necessary drift-ism to what some of them call centrism.  Always take to heart that all left drift is movement to the left.  Those who practice never recover from their leftist march.  It is like sin.  Once you have done it, the next larger sin is not as difficult to perform.     

There are two basic political camps in the current shot mandate.  I see three political parties, Democrats (they want mandated SHOTS), nefarious Establishment Republicans, and Liberty Republicans. The Establishment Republicans have in fact deceived the purist Republicans into electing the other Party under their elephant flag. 

RINOs, Establishment, no matter what you wish to refer to them as, are dragging Idaho across the deck of the ship, through the scuppers and into the briny depths of never being aboard the ship again.

Fourteen Liberty Legislators came to Boise with the HOPE of stopping a mandated shot consisting of no license, no background, no testing, with tens of thousands of dead from the shot and many, many more SHOT INJURED.  Factual and real reporting is mute in the news marketplace.  Ten years from now we will know the outcome of the devastation.  Who will right that crooked ship?

The fourteen Liberty Legislators put out a call to the other House of Representative members to come in strength to form a quorum.  The Liberty Legislators attempted to force Speaker Bedke to show up, to do the correct thing and HELP the people.  To no avail, it is hard to convert a leftist to right minded thinking.

Elected legislators, the Lt. Governor, the Governor all swear an oath to the Idaho Constitution.  The first and most important line in that document is: “Section 1 INALIEANABLE RIGHTS OF MAN. All men are by nature free and equal, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing and protecting property; pursuing happiness and securing safety.”

An emergency released bio-weapon meets not one of the above criteria!  Many years ago, when the first forced vaccines came along in the workplace, they didn’t seem invasive enough for the voters to push back and say NO!  Mankind is supposed to “be the government”.   Instead, we have the elected becoming the oligarchy!  There exists a biblical doctrine known by some as the “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate”.  The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate rightly presents that the least in government tells the highest ranks that they are wrong and or evil.  When the lesser magistrate stops complying, then push back begins.

Idaho Citizens must wake up, they must rise up. WE MUST OVERTHROW the oligarchy in Idaho.  All IDAHOANS must stand up like the fourteen faithful and truly good people that REPRESENT Idahoans did on September 15, 2021, on the capitol steps and in the Chamber of the House. The fourteen Idaho Liberty Legislators are a great example of putting a stop the violation of GOD’s unalienable rights to man. 

GOD says to love the LORD your GOD with all your heart and have no other gods before HIM.  The second command is similar, love your neighbor like yourself.  Don’t force things on your neighbor if you don’t enjoy the same types of over-lording treatment.  Forcing bio-weapons is not loving your neighbor.

I salute:

  • Priscilla Giddings
  • Dorothy Moon
  • Christy Zito
  • Heather Scott
  • Vito Barbieri
  • Tony Wisniewski
  • Tammy Nichols
  • Regina Bayer
  • Ron Nate
  • Karey Hanks
  • Gregory Ferch
  • Ron Mendive
  • Chad Christensen
  • Mike Kingsly
  • Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin

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