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Q&A with Ammon Bundy, Independent Candidate for Governor of Idaho

Interview by Tom Munds, John Birch Society, Idaho Field Director
Edited by Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer, Gem State Patriot News

Do you support Border Walls?

We should be practical about why we are building the wall. Before putting up a border wall you need to ask the question, is it necessary and is it practical such as defending our border. We have a large flow of illegals coming into our country. The question is why they are coming in and is it a good or bad thing to have this flow. There are 3 types of people coming into our country. 1. Those who are coming in for a free handout of just about everything such as medical care, welfare, free food, things they can’t get where they came from. 2. They are coming for Criminal opportunities where they see a lot of wealth and have less of a chance to be prosecuted as our judicial system continues to break down. Read more

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