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Proposition 1: $570 Million Tax Hike on Idaho Families and Businesses

By Fred Birnbaum

Idaho Freedom Foundation, August 8, 2022

Proposition 1, Reclaim Idaho’s inappropriately named Quality Education Act, will be on the ballot this November. Originally intended to hike taxes on corporations, small businesses and job creators, the proposal was supposed to hike taxes about $323 million.

The proposal also reverses the tax cuts passed this year, which adds another $250 million to the total tax hike. The 2022 tax cuts reduced rates for nearly everyone in the state, including poor and middle-class families (yet they were opposed by Democrats).

The final cost for Idahoans if this clunker passes is at least $570 million annually. But there’s more. Read on.

2 replies on “Proposition 1: $570 Million Tax Hike on Idaho Families and Businesses”

Thank you for this good info! You just need to correct the article headline to read “$570 *million* tax hike…” We don’t want anyone to skim the headline and say “$570? What’s the big deal?” 🙂 Let’s soundly defeat this Reclaim Idaho turkey in November!

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