June 2022 TF Republican Central Committee Meeting Report

MVLA News is reporting on TFCC monthly meetings to keep you informed of the decisions and actions of your local GOP. We strongly urge you to attend in person to keep them accountable. Your presence matters.

June 8, 2022:

Newly Appointed Committee Chair, Suzanne Hawkins, called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Newly elected Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld (Dist 25) opened with prayer.

Pledge of allegiance followed.

Roll call: About 30 precinct committee persons were in attendance, out of 41 precincts in Twin Falls county. Two persons attended as proxies.


Twin Falls Commissioner Don Hall presented the treasurer report. Hall solicited donations for handing out candy for July 4th Republican Party parade float and the Republican Party picnic in August (date unknown) to cover food items. He stated the picnic is a time for recruiting and fundraising. There was a request for volunteers to walk the beside the parade float and hand out candy.

Precinct committeeman Adrian Arp, Filer, and member of JBS Twin Falls Chapter for many years, gave a 5 min. presentation on Saul Alinsky’s socialist playbook, Rules For Radicals. If you are not familiar with this radical socialist classic, I urge you to check it out here. Arp highlighted how Alinsky’s Rules are being implemented today via CRT, demonizing conservatives, socialist healthcare, inflation, dependence on federal handouts, gun control, rampant crime, and a national police force that will punish political enemies. He called for opposing red flag laws.

GOP Calendar Reminders: 2022 Republican State Convention will be held at the College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, July 14-17. The Republican Party Annual Picnic will be in August. Date and location unknown. Check the GOP Calendar at

Because TFCC meetings (the 2nd Wednesday of the month) fall on the same week as the July convention and the August picnic, the committee moved to postpone meetings until September 14th.

TF County Commissioner Don Hall proposed changing committee meetings start time to 6:30 pm, beginning in October.

Liberty-minded Precinct Committeemen needed: Buhl precinct #4 and Murtaugh precinct seats are vacant. Candidates interested in filling those seats are asked to bring their resumes to the next TFCC meeting on September 14th. Please volunteer!

Precinct Committeemen are today’s political Minute Men. is packed with everything you need to run for Precinct Committeemen.

Next Republican Women luncheon: Joan Hurlock of Stop Lava Ridge Project will be the featured speaker (Stop Lava Ridge), Wednesday, June 15, noon, at County West Building, 630 Addison Avenue West, at the Planning & Zoning room, south entrance of the building.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Next meeting: September 14th, County West County Bldg. 7 pm, County West Building, 630 Addison Avenue West, Twin Falls.

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