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Happy New Year! MVLA Board Reflects on 2022

Doreen Alexander

This year I am grateful for the camaraderie of other like-minded MVLA members.  In troubling times such as these, knowing that you are not alone in how you see the world’s issues and how you praise God, is most comforting.  Going forward, I feel that awakening people to the truth that is unraveling will be the most difficult.  I pray that there will be a mass awakening and a love of country so strong, our freedoms and liberty will be restored and secured.

Saundra Bell

Reflecting on MVLA’s growth and impact this past year I am grateful for:

      1. The Mission Statement that everyone on the Board has embraced and adhered to. I believe this has contributed to MVLA’s overwhelming success. 

  • We believe it is the responsibility of We the People to restore and keep our Constitutional form of government that respects individual liberties and God-given inalienable rights. We educate the public, expose corruption, build strategic relationships both in the community and with elected officials, and promote peaceful and effective political activism.

      2. The complete dedication by all Board members in carrying out their responsibilities based upon their absolute devotion for truth finding, reporting and sharing. The Board’s dedication to God and country no matter the cost. 

Because of the above reasons, I look forward to a new legislative year with positive changes as truth rolls forward in opening up the eyes and voting patterns of legislators and citizens expectations, thereby raising the freedom bar of our God-given Republic here in Idaho!

Antoinette (Toni) McNeill

The year 2022 provided a lot of clarity in its cycles of ups and downs. Biggest win of the year nationally was Roe v. Wade being over-turned. In Idaho, electing our own Glenneda Zuiderveld (District 24) to the Senate, along with many other freedom fighters.  Election integrity was the most clarifying.  We don’t have one vote per person. As we watched elections being tampered with specifically in the governor’s race in Arizona, we saw the blatant disregard for the voter, taxpayer and the Republican Party M.I.A.  We have a lot of work ahead of us. Sad to say, at this time the country we love is gone and at this point there is no returning. We are a nation under judgement, and we must faithfully turn to our Lord and Savior for He is the only one that can restore this great nation.

Hilber Nelson

Let me start with expressing my gratitude to you, our volunteers, subscribers, foot soldiers, and prayer supporters. Without you, MVLA cannot begin to accomplish its mission of restoring and preserving our constitutional form of government in the Magic Valley and Idaho. MVLA has many plans for 2023 that will need all hands-on-deck if we hope to keep Idaho in the red, meaning MVLA will need your continued support with your time, talents, and finances are needed — more than ever. I hope to see you all at our Hello 2023 Winter Party on Saturday, January 14. See details here.

Second, I am grateful to our generous and loving God for our Board. We have terrific team. And while our monthly meetings are jam-packed with difficult and disturbing issues that are quickly eroding what’s left of our liberties, our Board’s steadfast commitment to our mission comes from a deep and abiding love for family, faith and freedom.

I’m most excited about the launching of MVLA 2023 Legislative Update meetings during the 2023 legislative session. These twice-monthly meetings are designed to inform and mobilize you into action about upcoming legislation, expose corruption, and support liberty legislators. Dates, locations and times to be officially announced in our next newsletter.

Please keep MVLA in your prayers and sign up to volunteer here.

Brian Smith

I am so thankful for the blessings of yet another year. This year was filled with many challenges, and it is important that we don’t let those challenges overshadow our many victories.

I am super excited to about the growth of MVLA and the positive impact we continue to have in our community and beyond. One huge victory for us this year is we are sending one of MVLA’s very own to the Idaho State Senate, Glenneda Zuiderveld. Although we didn’t win every race, the fact remains that we conservatives are much better suited for victory in the coming year. Our lines of communication are broadening day by day, and having the ability to get the inside baseball on critical bills and events will allow us to be an even greater force in the coming years.

MVLA added three new board members this year (Doreen Alexander, Joshua Kohl and Creighton Knight), from which we are already seeing tremendous benefits. Our outreach and education opportunities have multiplied greatly as we continue to grow. Whether it be candidate forums, a podcast outreach, training seminars, precinct victories or involvement or school board meetings, MVLA has made a positive impact toward conservatism in our beautiful Magic Valley.

I am so thankful to God for His mercies and many blessings. As I reflect on the hope of Salvation that we have through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am earnestly reminded that the battle is already won. I pray that He continues to grant us wisdom, protection and perseverance as we remain steadfast in our fight to keep the freedoms that He has granted us. Look out 2023, HERE WE COME!!

Tom Zuiderveld

Wow! What an exciting year it’s been since our coming out event, LibertyFest 2021 at Magic Valley Speedway. A lot has happened in 2022 that we can be proud of, like MVLA becoming a statewide recognized organization for truth and freedom, keeping the Magic Valley informed and equipped on the things that affect us all, that no one else is reporting on.

The one thing we have learned is we have to be our own media because our media doesn’t work for the people. We are a local grassroots group that was created to be our local news and resources. MVLA has been shared far and wide, and we could not have accomplished this without you, the people of the Magic Valley. No one is coming to save us. We are the answer to our problems.

There is lots to do in 2023:

Exposing the evil and corruption in our schools, local government and state government. Educate, Impact and Engage is our mission and by the grace of God, we will accomplish it.

Happy New Year!

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