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What you need to know before you vote Nov 8

While MVLA does not endorse candidates, our mission is to inform the public, expose corruption, and build strategic relationships with our elected officials. That’s why we compiled several articles in one place to help you be a more informed voter when you go to the polls on November 8th. Please share this article.

Idaho Constitutional Amendment SJR 102

Read this important message from Dorothy Moon, Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party, on why a “yes” vote on this ballot initiative is needed to put legislative and executive powers on equal footing. You can read what SJR 102 would do for Idaho, by Ronald Nate, Ph.D., here.

Op-Ed: Why Brad Little is not Worthy of Another Term as Governor

While there are several issues that Little has gotten right, there is one major issue that makes him unelectable. His actions during the COVID lockdowns have and always will be enough for me never to vote for him. Read more

KIDO Talk Radio Idaho Governors Poll: Who Will Win? Little or Bundy?

Will the state continue to be led by Republican Brad Little? Or will Independent conservative candidate Ammon Bundy shock the Idaho political establishment? The KIDO website features profiles of both candidates. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the article to find the poll question, “Who Will Be Idaho’s Next Governor?” and cast your vote. When you do, we think you’ll be surprised at the poll results.

Did Brad Little Really Cut Regulations?

‘Conservative’ Brad Little’s record says otherwise.

Candidates for Idaho Superintendent of Public Education

You can watch the debate between Democrat Terry Gilbert and Republican Debbie Critchfield in full and evaluate the candidates’ answers for yourself here.

In Case You Missed These Articles…

Election Integrity Idaho Report on Town Hall with Commissioner Don Hall, Senate-Elect Glenneda Zuiderveld, and Twin Falls County Clerk Kristina Glascock

By Kathy Thomsen

Wednesday November 2, 2022, Twin Falls County West Building, Planning & Zoning Room

Senate-Elect Glenneda Zuiderveld, Dist. 24

Following a 30-min introduction by the panel, the audience asked questions for nearly an hour and a half.
Senate-Elect Zuiderveld opened the evening by relaying information from ID GOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon’s conversation with Secretary of State candidate Phil McGrane. He promised not to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Idaho, to tighten voter ID (no more Costco cards), to curtain ballot harvesting by limiting the number of ballots that one person could turn in, and to make it illegal for any governmental jurisdiction to take third party funding. Finally, McGrane promised to work on legislation to narrow the early voting window (currently three weeks in Twin Falls County).
If you are interested in being a part of our newly minted Senator’s Legislation Team, she is looking for dedicated diligent citizens willing to work on updating Idaho’s Title 34 Election Code. Contact her here

Twin Falls County Clerk Kristina Glascock


Glascock assured us that she and her staff are working themselves to death and that she hopes we appreciate what they do. She admitted that “hand counts lend credibility to our machines” but denied the request to hand count ballots in one random polling place. Also denied was signature verification of absentee ballots and the presence of a poll watcher inside the final count tabulation room.
However, Glascock was able to grant poll watchers access to the polling places after the
election closes to observe the reconciliation process but only for the November election.
After that, the ballot boxes will be brought back to Central Count and the voted ballot number will be double check on the…. wait for it… tabulators. Do you call that a win for transparency?

I don’t.

Originally fearful that a camera would tell her staff that no one trusts them, Glascock agreed for one to be placed over the Remake Board responsible for adjudication of the ballots rejected by the tabulators for various reasons (write-ins for example). There will be no audio.

Speaking of Cameras…

As of Friday, November 4th, the commissioners have posted 24/7 live feed monitoring of the outdoor drop box at Twin Falls County West available at the following URL: Another nod to transparency is a letter from the commissioners (and perhaps the clerk) to the Secretary of State that will state “if not selected for the Post Election audit, Twin Falls County wants to be audited anyway in order to instill confidence in our elections.”

Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall

e-Poll Books

Hall promised to ask the Secretary of State if a poll watcher could be involved in that process. For two years citizens accused of being election deniers have studied the steal of 2020.
They have become articulate experts in areas of interest. Take Becky D who questioned the need for e-poll books that expose private information of electors to the world wide web of hackers. Glascock assured the audience that the Tenex e-poll book iPads are certified and in the next breath revealed that “our whole county was hacked last August.” “We turn on the
cellular data right before our training and we’ll shut it off next week. Everything is hardened, password protected and encrypted.” Later Glascock said the e-poll books were accessible through a secure portal throughout the election. Matt F picked it up from there asking, “E-poll books are connected through cellular data. Is it encrypted?” Glascock: “I assume they are since they are certified.”

Regarding tabulator connectivity and Audits

Glascock said, “Our tabulators have no connection to the internet. They are not even connected to each other.” Kathy T reminded the clerk that our election machine manufacturer ES&S themselves admitted in testimony that “all election machines are hackable.”
Both Hall and Glascock admitted they’re not IT persons, so Election Integrity Idaho offered to bring in subject matter experts to speak to the three commissioners. Hall said he would bring it up to the other commissioners.
When asked, “Why do we need a drop box outside?” Hall replied, “The legislature makes the rules on drop boxes.” Shane K asked, “Are we mandated that we have to have a drop box?” Hall replied, “No.” Is that doublespeak? Lyle J brought up the need of audits and then asked about the lack of CVRs which are a critical piece of forensic data indicating whether there has been machine manipulation of the election. Though unavailable to date, Hall said he would talk to McGrane about it.

Parting Words

Glascock: “Just remember our counting machines are not hooked to the internet. There’s no capability even for them to be able to be hooked to the internet.” Glascock is very sincere in her belief… and sincerely wrong. Senate-Elect Zuiderveld added, “We need more town halls in the future.” Hall was glad we got to vent and hoped we felt like we had been heard. “You handled yourself very well.”

Thanks everyone who came and who spoke. Onward!

Alex Jones Warns: Democrats’ Only Move Against the Red Tsunami This November Is Cheating

Alex Jones of INFOWARS joined Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast to raise alarm over how Biden’s latest speech was a total inversion of reality and actually revealed the desperation globalists have to openly hijack the midterms from the American people. Watch it here

Being a Vigilant Voter: Idaho Secretary of State’s Office Launches Website to Report ‘Election Misinformation’

The Idaho Secretary of State’s office launched a new website this week which gives Idahoans a way to report election-based misinformation. The website encourages voters to be aware of misinformation, and report anything on social media that appears to be inaccurate or misleading. Examples of potential misinformation include: ballot information, polling place hours, election night reporting, voting technology, poll workers and poll watchers. Read more

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