• City Council increases fees by 100%+
    Twin Falls City Council just voted to fast-track an over 100% increase on impact fees for new home builders.
  • Selective Libertarianism & How to Fight it
    Is it just me, or are many of the “conservative Republican” lawmakers acting an awful lot like liberal Democrats?
  • Time for New Federal Senators in Idaho
    The “infrastructure” bill should have been roundly rejected by all the Senate Republicans. Instead, both of the senators from Idaho voted to advance the bill.
  • Our Foreign Lies & Policies have become our Domestic Lies and Policies
    While an infantryman, I witnessed the collapse of the Iraqi infrastructure, government, and rule of law. Over the years I have noticed subtle similarities between what I saw in Afghanistan and Iraq and what I have seen after returning home. 
  • City Council spends $128,840 in 25 minutes
    The city council approved a contract for radio hardware ($78,840) and purchased a piece of land without having had a prior plan to do so ($50,000). The meeting lasted roughly twenty-five minutes, which means the council managed to spend $5,153.60 per minute. Now that is power!
  • Council approves $34,000,000+ budget for 2021-2022
    The 2021-2022 budget was approved unanimously by all 7 council members. Throughout the process, the council asked few questions and offered little input, largely deferring to unelected city manager Travis Rothweiler.
  • Twin Falls City Council Spends > $770,000 Allotted Budget on Pet Projects
    The Twin Falls city council’s discretionary fund for the 2021-2022 budget year occupied the bulk of Monday’s meeting. The final meeting of the eight-week series of budget reviews was presented once again by City Manager Travis Rothweiler, and he handed […]
  • Magic Valley Regional Airport to Receive $3.4 million+ from fed
    The three federal grants together total $3,464,557 in taxpayer funds.
  • Did Twin Falls City Council deserve the 10% raise they just gave themselves?
    The council approved the motion in a 6-1 vote, with Chris Reid being the soul dissenter.
  • More Federal Money for Twin Falls?
    C.D.B.G. stands for Community Development Block Grant. It is a federal program that was created by the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) department. Cities agree to spend these federal dollars on things like low-income housing improvement projects, homelessness mitigation, and administration of the grant itself.
  • Open letter response to Scott Bedke
    Scott Bedke is the current Speaker of the House for the Idaho state legislature and is running for Lieutenant Governor in 2022. He sent out a letter for donations in which he claimed to be a frugal and conservative leader. […]
  • City Council Ready for a Raise?
    A public hearing will be held at City Hall on Monday, August 23, 2021 at 6pm to hear the citizens’ concerns and opinions about the budget. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Shawn Barigar’s occupation of both the city council seat […]